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Re: Naruto 448 Spoiler/ Prediction Discussion

Originally Posted by satansilent View Post
Just finish it Kishi please....I still hope Nagato capturing Naruto!!
Well, mark my words here:

1. Naruto will never ever gt captured, not a chance, not in a million years, even when it looks like he's so close to gt captured, he will gt away somehow cuz if they gt the nine tail then it'll make his father sacrifice for him absolutely pointless. he went all the trouble splitting nine tail chackra and seal it in his own son so tht someday his son can use tht power for good, for protecting the world from fearsome menace -madara- if in the end its the enemy who gt tht power then yeah ... his father sacrifice will be pointless and tht wont happened.

2. No one from Naruto's generation (the rookie 9) will gt killed, if there's someone who close to Naruto tht'll need to die in the future , it'll be Iruka. The previous generation can die, but not the current generation (rookie 9) and the next generation (konohamaru and friends)

3.Kishi .. i beg u to go back to the original story of Naruto, his jorney to become Hokage and his story to bring sasuke back. stop talking big about the world peace and stuff, and next time dont bring up the topic if u dont know the answer yourself.

well thts what i thought
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