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Myth is just really niceMyth is just really niceMyth is just really niceMyth is just really niceMyth is just really niceMyth is just really niceMyth is just really niceMyth is just really nice
Re: I promised you lulz.

Originally Posted by The Clown0308 View Post
You act like one of those fat 15 year olds who pretends to like the attention when people make fun of him. In reality it's just a defense mechanism to help you cope with it. You subconsciously do care. Being able to say you don't care, and actually not caring is a big difference.
trust me i don't i just love see u kids jump on it all day every day even when im banned...

You are calling other people fail, and telling people to stop riding other people's dicks just because we are in agreement with eachother. Or you are just saying it to attempt to 'flame' us. Not really sure, both are equally pathetic.
i never said anything about anybody riding dick's lol stop thinking of stupid shit to say ur running out words

Also, I would stock it up to jealousy that you insult zero as much as you do. You seem to think the spam zone is some place where all the cool kids hang.. which it is. So you not being welcome here also triggers that defense mechanism I mentioned before. Making you act like a total twat in order to make us think that you don't really want to be here. Now that would work, if we fell for it.
not really zero is pretty much following me around n i think its weird.. in fact he's the only 1 constantly replying to my posts.. whats up with that

You may come back at this with "you are a n00b, loser, pathetic, fat" Or some other insult based off of no facts whatsoever. So just know that anything you say in reply to this will end up being fail. Ignoring it is also not an option, since only blabbering vagina's ignore insults. Pretending that this wasn't said is a pussy move Myth. And don't act like you didn't read it.
sickk post son keep em going trust me i promise u u suck at life if i ever i met u me n my crew would laugh ur shit up n blow ur spot...
You also may come back at this with something retarded since you can't think of anything better to say. But in your head you will know that what has been said here is the truth and that will bother you. Which means I have done my job.
also u kinda failed at trying to get something big out of me... like i said ur sad ass attempts suck...
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