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Re: 10-year-old boy died, by imitating Gaara?

This goes to show that parents need to be responsible for taking care of their children. That kid was acting more like a stereotypical ostrich than a Naruto ninja. I say, blame the parents, not the media. If I do have kids of my own, I'll watch them like a hawk and come to their aid if they get injured or in trouble during play. Parents are shirking their responsibilities by not teaching their kids how to be responsible people. Whatever it's on the computer online, playing a video game online, or just simple going to the park to play; children must learn how to make better choices in their lives. Parents have their heads in the sand when it comes to what kids are becoming interested in in a metaphorical sense. They must get their heads out of the metaphorical sand before the kid gets it's head stuck in the sand in a literal sense. For the kid, may he rest in peace. But for the parents, they are stuck with this bad choice not to look after the kid for the rest of their lives. The boy was their responsibility and now he is gone for good and he'll never come back.
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