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Re: Naruto 449 spoiler/prediction discussion.

Nagato should die trying to take down madara only after nagato rejuvenates himself fully. That's honorable imo and something i like to see for myself, could possibly expose madara's strength/weaknesses. Although this all is likely not going to happen.

So after seeing this chapter i will make a BOLD prediction:
Nagato will continue to live to reside/reign over amegakure with konan by his side. Therefore, he will not die. But, his spotlight will decline as we will probably see more sasuke and madara from here on out.

This is how naruto will bring peace, imo.: When naruto becomes hokage, he will already have gaara and nagato as powerful allies and will be well respected.. Peace will come when all 5 leading kages recognizes naruto as the one to bring everyone together. That means madara must either die or fall for naruto's nuts as well. Maybe killerbee and naruto will become good friends and raikage will accept naruto. We have yet to see anything about Tsuchikage. I just somehow imagine that all the kages will eventually be influenced by naruto in someway or another and will be part of naruto's buddy system. This is all just speculation for how peace will be brought and it's a fitting end when naruto finally becomes hokage imo.

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