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Re: Naruto 449 spoiler/prediction discussion.

The posability of Naruto getting the Rinnegan is slim but not nessesary a bad one.
If Naruto were to gain control of all elements he still had to learn the jutsus. It's like a possibility of upgrade and not an instant upgrade.
It could also be intresting twist to make Naruto go blind for some time until he mastered the Rinnegan.

Another is of course to summon the statue where they store the Bijuus. This is intresting in soo many ways.
To give the Bijuus to Naruto? To destroy the statue? What's up?'

I would actually love for Nagato to survive and go on doing something with his life(away from konoha) and contadict all that can't see that developement

So many possibilities....

Prediction mashine is going wild....Loading....

Game over naruto!
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