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the true power of rinnengan?!?!?

ok seriously what is the true power of gonna list some of the ones we kinda know but i cant be bothered finding links..

rinnengan is said to be the most power dojutsu right? yet i cant tell the differnce between rinnengan and sharingan...there is a clear difference in power and ability with byakugan and sharingan though

so what can rinnengan do....
1. see through the eyes of other paths of pain
2. shinra tensei-bansho tenin- chibaku tensei
3. absorbing jutsu (fat pain)
4. weird soul sucking summon that also revives dead pains(summon) tis kinda similar to the big statue thing that also sucks souls
5. summon big animals
6.controlling the dead through rinnengan
7. sucking out souls
8. use weird bring back to life no jutsu.
9 use all elements

ok heres my problem with the not sure exactly which if any out of those is actually an ability because of the rinnengan..
lets view the 2 doujutsu

byakugan- bring able to see long distances( through walls bodies etc) being able to see chakra points.

sharingan normal- being able to see fast movements ...being able to see chakra...being able to put ppl under genjutsu..
sharingan mangekyo- amaterasu, tsykyomi .....susanoo (i think this may be only for itachi just like kamui is for kakashi)
sharingan permanent - unknown

do we see a pattern here ? most of these dojutsu has actually got something to do with the EYES ...byakugan being able to see things normal eyes cannot...sharingan being able to see faster movements slower...also by concentrating on can set it on black flames...also with all the genjutsu by looking at them.

ALL TO DO WITH THE what has rinnengan got? the "i can see what all paths of pain are looking at"???!? heres my problem with this...ITS SHIT...consider this ...before we knew the 6 paths were being controlled by one person this ability was actually not that bad ...but since they are being controlled then its not an ability of the rinnengan to see through everything... you would expect that because it has a pupiteer...imagine someone sitting at survielance staring at all points at which cameras are looking at...thats not a dojutsu!!!

the extra sight given by sharingan and byakugan is really usefull for the user... remember that the six paths were only formed because nagato is weak from the statue poking thing therefore without it he woulda just been one person still making that eyesight pointless!

all the abilities of the six paths are impressive individually they are not that good (absorbing jutsus has been seen before) but together i can see why nagato thinks of himself as god. does techniques doesnt look like something an doujutsu would cause some even required hand signs like chibaku tensei.

i could go on about each ability that rinnengan SEEMS to give and telling you why i think they are not caused by rinnengan at all but i havent got time,....most of those jutsus were only there because of that giant statue thing ..could that be the true power of rinnengan (if so why has it got nothing to do with eyes once again)

compared to the one hit kills that sharingan have these abilities are definitely weaker in strength but if all of these are rinnengan given ability then it sure has a lot more ability than sharingan plus there are less side effects....

ever since we first encountered pain i wondered what his REAL abilities are since it was said by jiraiya to definitely be the best doujutsu ...every time pain uses an ability i think...nah that does seem that good maybe its a side ability ...i keep thinking we're gonna see some amazing godlike jutsu but the only ones close to that has been massive shinra tensei and chibaku tensei which naruto countered first time!!
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