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Re: need some time off.

Originally Posted by victoria View Post

i was doing some stupid things.
hadnt a good brain in my head awhile back.
i need time off.
not really having a good place here right now.
so im gonna have to pick myself up. and walk in the right path.
but to do that, i need to find myself again.

somehow... even though im studying bachelor's degree in social science n studying the human behaviours... im not even analyzing myself well.

i lost myself... im not sure who i am anymore.
i been thru too much in the past and even right now...
i cant deal with it all at once.
i need time... im not sure if i can even help myself anymore.

i may come back... im not sure.
if i come back and find my acct deleted or on a perm ban, i understand.

i wish NL n the members here a good future & may God bless everyone here & the forum.

btw, to set the records straight, here r 2 facts abt the real me.

1) i am not and will never be an attention whore. if no one believes me, then forget it. but im very sure the seniors here i love will know who i really am. bless them.

2) i do not bitch about others behind their back cos i love and respect humans for what they are.

God Bless everyone.
keep the faith.

xoxo - victoria
Awww... how moving...



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