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Re: need some time off.

Originally Posted by Mal View Post

@ idisoneboyi: What's with the band-wagon jumping?
Make up your mind on your own, you pussy.

No band-wagon jumping here/
Just specifically best thread imo when it came to a chick whose willing to show off some tits on an anime forum, no less.
Hey I did gave her a compliment, "nice curves". If she didn't want to be ridiculed and judged on the basis of her tits, she should of thought about that before doing regrettable things.
Now just because she did show off and shit, doesn't mean we all have to lie and say "yeahh they're greaaaattttt!"
You calling me a pussy for wanting to see some awesome tits? What da douche
I admired and thanked her for her action on the newd artwork and i think i speak for those who wants better newdz

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