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Re: Naruto Q&A

Originally Posted by ryanthegreat18 View Post
ok did madara ever reveal how he has been able to live this long? i mean he fought the 1st hokage. and there isnt such a thing as true immortality cuz all the "immortals" of the series werent really immortal they had jutsu that allowed them to live for a long period of time. what is madara's secret?

umm what about that guy shikamaru killed? that immortal guy. what was his jutsu?

... exactly, i rest my case

and a question to you guys.

what did the akatsuki need the beasts for? and like why did itachi and that shark guy (im extremely sorry i cant remember names right now TT memory blank) try get naurto when in shippuden they said something about needing to get them in order from 1-9?

oh and another question XD

umm you know how there are stages for sharingan? are there any stages for byakugan and rinnegan?

thanks ;D
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