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Re: Naruto Q&A

Originally Posted by lildre3010 View Post
umm what about that guy shikamaru killed? that immortal guy. what was his jutsu?

His immortality came from experimenting with various jutsu's in the Jashin cult.

Originally Posted by lildre3010 View Post
what did the akatsuki need the beasts for? and like why did itachi and that shark guy (im extremely sorry i cant remember names right now TT memory blank) try get naurto when in shippuden they said something about needing to get them in order from 1-9?
Itachi shows up (apparently) to capture Naruto but in reality he is only in Konoha to remind Danzou and the elders not to harm Sasuke.

Originally Posted by lildre3010 View Post
umm you know how there are stages for sharingan? are there any stages for byakugan and rinnegan?

thanks ;D
Technically Byakugan kinda has stages, ie: normal Byakugan sees the chakra circulation system while the next stage up (Neji's) can see the Tenketsu as well. Apart from that we don't know for Byakugan and especially for Rinnegan.
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