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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

This Is By ShiverX!!

Outside she looked around at the now dark village. The moon was shining brightly and at the hight were their house stood overlooking the village she could see far around. Above her was the big bright red meteor falling and burning. Now when being outside she was consumed by the image. Her eyes wide she couldn't take her eyes of it. It was so close....and silent. In fact she heard nothing at all, it was unreal. Standing like that she lost track of time as the meteor spread across the sky. It was so close she could se it move at quite a speed. Following it's path it neared the mountain monoliths of old that hovered over Konoha looking down and for ever watching over the villagers. The stone depiction of the past and present Hokages. She stopped for a moment at her fathers face. It looked really young compared to now but still the likeness was uncanny. It even bore a somewhat goofy look with that grin it had. She had always found it funny how her goofy father could actually be the Hokage. She knew he was strong but sometimes he really didn't fit the description. She admired and loved her father but as a daughter it was hard seeing the very respected and even feared man in him.
The seventh Hokage huh. She glanced at the face before. More gloomy and spiky haired. He had only been Hokage for a short time but he was handsome. She blushed a little at the thought. She was not normally one to think such thoughts.

Her wandering mind was interrupted by a boom and a green flash! The meteor had shifted color and was rapidly speeding up, descending! She stood up and made a hand sign.
"Byakugan!" she exclaimed and her inherited eyes kicked in. She focused her eyes on the meteor and was immediately blinded by the green flames. She couldn't see past the flames! They were some sort of chakra it seemed. With her eyes she could follow the path it took in it's decent though. Noticing where it went down behind the tree's far away she took out her map and checked. It would probably be just outside the fire countries boarders. Putting down her map she didn't think twice about speeding towards the crash-site. This adventure was something she was not going to miss! And as the lights started to reappear all over the village she sped up towards the edge of the village.
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