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Re: Who do want to be final Villain

I hope it's some huge random demon guy who just comes out of nowhere and annihilates the whole ninja world with his raw power and jutsus the likes which we have never seen. And then all ninjas become exterminated. The end. This would happen after Naruto became Hokage, of course. But I want this arc to be full action. So Kishi goes into detail of how this random demon guy goes around and kills all the "powerful" ninjas. And shows the full fights without skiping any (aside from all the weak ninja's, he can skip those fights for sure). Of course, in the end, the demon guy will die with Naruto and Sasuke probably killing him. Since he will be weak by then having taken on the world. But Naruto and Sasuke will also die in the process. Being the last ninjas left. I swear I would love to see that.

It just shows Naruto's head ripped off and Sasuke bleeding beside him looking at it. And then.......he dies. Lmao.

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