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Re: Death God vs Kuchiyose gedo mazo

Originally Posted by Myth View Post
they had actual bodies though since if they were just chakra they'd disappear in thin air... U can say their monsters with bodies made of chakra but that still means they have bodies. Since its plain fact the Sanbi was all flesh as well as the Hachibi and u saw kyuubi motherfucker had biceps nd everything lol.
None the less, they ARE beings of pure chakra. Who said chakra can't materialize and take form? This ain't regular chakra we are talking about. This is fact, go back and read fool.

That's true although nagato could have gone out nd captured everything himself by using gedo mazo... It's not that it sucks its just that the technique is visible, its possible to avoid it. Death god is impossible to avoid since u don't see it till the guy catches you, then its to late... Also what's up with u saying it can hold 9 beasts as if death god cannot lol death god can seal away anything and once its sealed its gone forever...
Kyuubi is still living and Orochimaru escaped death god. The user dies. Keep telling yourself that Death God is better that's ridiculous lol...

Edit: gedo mazo is made up of wood or w/e any bijju could destroy it with 1 blast especially the more powerful ones.
*facepalm* How the fuck do you know what gedo mazo is made up of? If it was just a tree how can it suck out souls and resurrect people huh?

Hashirama Senju, the man hailed as the best shinobi of all time.
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