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Re: Death God vs Kuchiyose gedo mazo

I think the Buujis and the Statue are connected and i doubt if it can hold 9 beast, it can be broken "easily" by any one of the beast. Maybe it will just absorb any physical or chakra attack any of the Beast do since the beast are merely chakra themselves that take a physical form.

I say they may be connected cuz why would negato be able to summon a statue that has 9 eyes and there are 9 beast? It was put there to Beast container but it did other things as well and i believe it even growled once. Never saw it's bottom part.

Wanna hear a crazy theory? Here it go anyway. If the statue got all 9 tails, it could potentially rise from the ground and be the 10 tailed beast. The original Rinnegan user originally made the moon to ensnare the 10 tailed beast, and he stripped it of all 9 of the beast, leaving them scattered throughout the ninja world. Just around the time the 1st Hokage was beginning the life of a ninja. Good thing for that. The original Rinnegan user actually died doing this but he sealed the "moon encrusted" 10 tailed beast in "his eyes" before he died. This is why Negato could summon the statue in the 1st place. Since the original Rinnegan user used the earth, water= mud and maybe combined all elements as he made this compressed moon, those conditions left the 10 tails to appear like it could be wood, or stone, but it's really just the still "sealed" and compressed version of the beast outside of it's moon. Pain was either foolish enough to allow Madara and his Sharingan/EMS to see how or where it was summoned from or he "allowed" him to summon it at some point. Or he just keeps it in a certain place at all times and from there he summons it, so Madara can always go back the that super secret hideout to do the ritual.

Death god needs your chakra. If u aint got Negato's chakra, u cant do but so much
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