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Re: Death God vs Kuchiyose gedo mazo

Originally Posted by trondah View Post
None the less, they ARE beings of pure chakra. Who said chakra can't materialize and take form? This ain't regular chakra we are talking about. This is fact, go back and read fool.

Kyuubi is still living and Orochimaru escaped death god. The user dies. Keep telling yourself that Death God is better that's ridiculous lol...

*facepalm* How the fuck do you know what gedo mazo is made up of? If it was just a tree how can it suck out souls and resurrect people huh?
well if u read the manga up till now ud know gedo mazo is made up of wood numb nuts nd its visible point is u can out run gedo mazo u can't outrun death god since u can't see it till ur caught... as for whats better i said in terms of u not dying gedo mazo is better although ur as good as dead after using it anyways... but in battle death god is far more reliable first it actually did damage in history taking out the strongest demon nd u cannot see the death god thus u cannot out run it.. if hanzo was fighting nagato nd nagato used death god hanzo wouldn't run using sushinn he keep fighting till nagato grabbed him nd killed him, but hanzo saw the gedo mazo nd ran away... plus the gedo mazo hasn't taken anything out remotely close to the kyuubi it merely sucked out chakra... nd any one of those monsters if out could easily destroy the gedo mazo with 1 blast death god is indestructible.

Vengeance I get what ur saying but thats pure assumption on ur part, since what we have is that they are actual bodies, if they weren't then why was the tentacle still active in the akatsuki hideout nd under water it should have disappeared. same goes for the sanbi it had a physical body nd we all saw kyuubi's body forming everytime naruto even had a Kyuubi skeleton around him nd at 8 tails we were seeing how his body kept gorwing showing its muscles nd everything..

Till there's any other indication then those monsters do have actual bodies. that's the only thing i can go by since its what i saw... bodies made of chakra ot not they still are bodies physical bodies with flesh otherwise naruto wouldn't have kyuubi's skeleton hanging around him...

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