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Re: Death God vs Kuchiyose gedo mazo

Originally Posted by Myth View Post
Chibaku tensei is pains strongest technique thats the only thing capable of catching a bijju not the stronger ones though i doubt he can catch hachibi with it either...

But either way in battle gedo mazo is avoidable death god is not gedo mazo could be destroyed death god cannot gedo mazo is made up of wood or some substance that has form since it breaks the ground when summoned, death god is a god spirit like susanoo...
very well said.

in addition to Death God and with the genius minato himself:
  • turned the 9 tailed fox as an arsenal for his son sealing the chakra and the demon fox into two different location so that his son may use its chakra,
  • fail-safe condition that when 8 tails appear he may appear in his son's subconsciousness and reinforce the seal
  • minato left a key refer to manga#370, which jiraiya believes it was intended for naruto for future use. in my own opinion, it will enable naruto to gain access with 9 tails chakra in its full potential without turning into a demon beast. remember that jiraiya focus naruto's training in chakra control rather than any known shinobi skills. imagine naruto using 9 tails chakra on its max under sage tech?
with the use of DG sealed the 9 tailed demon fox, naruto will become the destined child who will probably fight evil madara uchiha and eventually revolutionized the shinobi world.

death god owns!
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