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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Lightning Country, Near the Fire Country Border

3 hours after the Meteor Crash.

In the ruins of an old castle, a kunoichi approach a shinobi with slicked hair and a goatee and dress like an ANBU and carrying a large sword who was watching aimlessly at a starless sky.

"The Raikage want to see you Seijuro Ryu." says the female ninja.

Ryu turns around and says "Sweet. Now bring on the Sand chicks and cream soda."

The female ninja gives a deep stare at Ryu that makes him raises his hands up and give her a big grin before teleporting himself.

Cloud Village, 3 and a half hour after the Meteor Crash.

Its been 3 days after the chuunin exam and the villagers seems the celebrate it. With neon lights flashing around the village, some people just sits and enjoy sakes at sushi bars, some are trying to push their luck in gambling and some just lying around because of the hangover.

At the Raikage office, the new Raikage, a young talented kunoichi by the name of Hanabito Asao is doing some desk job when suddenly Ryu teleported himself in.

"Hey there smart sexy lady, typin' recipes?"

The Raikage look up at Ryu and smash his face with a huge bat.


The Raikage sits down and took a file from her drawer.

"Now for the reason why I called you here. Are you even listening?"

"So where's Mendo?" ask Ryu

"He took a vaction at a place called 'shut the hell up!' "

"Really I get post cards from there all the time!!"

The Raikage gave a huge sigh before opening the file.

"Something just landed just outside the border of the Fire Country and whatever that thing is, it scram most of our devices at the border. Your mission is to get whatever that is and bring it back."

"AWWWW, Can't I get a real mission like saving helpless sassy hot chicks from a sinking ship built by peoples that have a social structure in which a number of all male workers maintain their country under the rule of the Queen?" ask Ryu.

"No. Ready your things. You leave immediately."

“Alone?” ask Ryu

“You get in, take the goods and come home. This is a single operative infiltration mission. Your specialty.”

Ryu makes a face at the Raikage and then he left the office.

Cloud Village ANBU Headquaters.

Ryu entered an all female hot spring hotel and walks towards the hostess.

"Great Scott. My horny-sense is tingling."

"I'm sorry sir, but this hotel is all female. And dont try anything stupid again Ryu, the female ANBUs are here, watching." said hostess.

"C'mon, Let me in. I've been here a few times already!!!!"

"No. Without the password, you can't sir." reply the hostess.

"You really love to hear the ANBU password dont'cha. Well, here goes." said Ryu and he takes a deep breath.

"Need help! I live with my mom! NO MOTIVATING GOALS!!!!!" scream Ryu and then he looks around. The girls at the hotel whisper to each other and Ryu can hear whisper what a loser and mama's boy he is.

"You happy now?? Let me in!!!"

"Just follow me sir. Tee hee. That really made my day."

"Stupid bitch.............."

Ryu followed the hostess to a secret passageway where finally they stumbled to a large iron door. Ryu press his thumb to the door's knob and the door creaks and open. Inside there is the ANBU HQ. Where most of them either doing paperwork, practice their skill, buying weapon or items for their mission or just hanging at the bar.

The bartender saw Ryu and scream towards him.

"Hei Ryu, Wassup yo. Hows life treating you?"

"Hei Anto, you know if we put our HQ under an all girl hotbath hotel, doesnt that makes us look like pervert?" ask Ryu

"Nope. Its a perfect hiding place. By the way we can get good scenery from here. EHEHEHEHE."

"Never thought of that. Okay, I gonna get some stuff. See ya Anto."

From the shadows of Cloud Village, Ryu left in the darkness running towards Fire Country border, expecting to be a simple get and go mission. Not known to him, this will be one of his greatest mission.

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