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Re: Naruto 453 spoiler/Prediction thread.

Quick note about the Kage meeting: I don't believe Madara is the current Mizukage. Kisame was clearly close to him and the two had a lot of respect for one another. This would not be the case if Madara were still the Mizukage as he attempted to overthrow the Mizukage and assassinated several officials. Also, the order to kill Sasuke is a permission given by the Hokage to other villages. Gaara can tell those of his village not to kill him, but he lacks the authority to overrule it as Sasuke is a missing-nin of the Hidden Leaf.

Personally, I'm not buying Kakashi attacking Danzo during the meeting. He may disguise himself as ANBU to learn what's discussed, but that's it. Attacking the Hokage during a meeting amongst the 5 villages would set off a firestorm of chaos, alerting the ninja world to Konoha's weakness. The only way such a scenario could occur is if Danzo were to present himself as the danger he truly is and even if my Madara prediction is true, it seems unlikely that he'd spoil his plans now. Naruto vs. Sasuke has to go down first and it'll take a few issues before that even gets started probably. Naruto still needs more development. He doesn't even have the wisdom not to harass Danzo and needs to learn the water element first (Hurricane Chronicles, dammit) in addition to some more versatile jutsu.

In regards to the Hokage position, I want to see Danzo keep it until Naruto's ready or Tsunade awakens. I feel it provides Naruto with a good foil to play off of and help with his maturation. However, I don't want to see it fall to Kakashi. I understand he's popular, but we need to get the story on his MS then he needs to get the out of the way. Part II is Naruto's time. Originally, he was needed in a prominent role due to Naruto's youth, but not anymore.

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