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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

seasoned. Don’t get me wrong, your child is pretty amazing, making it to the final round an all, but a ninja who specializes in elemental ninjutsu has the advantage over someone who does not,” said Kazekage.
(The Hokage smiles.)

“It is really nice hosting these events like this old pal. Brings back memories of the days when we battled as gennin. However, this time around I don’t have to worry about you blowing my village up,” laughed The Hokage.

“Nice that you’ve changed the subject. You aren’t that sly Uzumaki,” said Kazekage.

(The Hokage smiles.)

“How unprofessional of you, I’d expect me to slip up and call out your name, considering that I’m not really classy. But to answer your first response, my master told me something once. It does not matter if you know one jutsu or 1 thousand. If you don’t have the guts, you’ll never survive as a shinobi,” said The Hokage.

“Really now,” said Kazekage. “For sure, it worked for me. As a kid I wasn’t anything special. But I always believed in my ability to become the strongest man in Konoha and my dream to protect everyone to the best of my ability is apparent. As a kid I’ve won against opponents well above my skill level, just because I never gave up and took slightest opportunity to win, where others would have given up and took the many excuses to justify failure. Look where it got me. I am able to speak and communicate with you on equal grounds. I now have the mind and the jutsu to back myself up. Nila, although not as much of a loudmouth and show off as I was, is really far along and has inherited the desire to never give up and do whatever possible to make better of the situation,” said Hokage.

(The Kazekage glances at Nila’s eyes. He thinks to himself.)

“She definitely has his determination,” said Kazekage.

“Nila! You can do it, I know you can,” yelled The Hokage. “Now you are out of character Uzumaki. Shouting out like that,” laughed Kazekage. (The Hokage pulls off the Kazekage’s mask, revealing a red-haired man with a tattoo on the left side of his forehead.)

“Hay, what are you doing Uzumaki,” yelled The Kazekage. (The Hokage smiles.) “You gotta learn to enjoy these events. Just relax and let loose,” smiled The Hokage.

Next Time: Nila fights viciously with the Sand's prodigy.

-Nila vs. Teru

(The battle commences. Nila screams louder as the rocks constricting her legs get tighter.)

“I can’t give up now that my father has put me out there. Gosh this hurts. I can’t move my legs, but I got to think of something,” said Nila. “Your legs gave you amazing speed, but now you can’t reach me with your jutsu. Why don’t you just give up? It would pain me to cause permanent damage to your legs, ending your career as a kunoichi,” said Teru.

(She fiddles her hands near her bag and pulls out two explosive tags and wraps them around the two Kunai she has mounted onto her forearms after taking them off.)

“She can’t reach me with those,” said Teru.

“My father told me a quote that I thought was pretty cheesy,” said Nila. “Your father is the Hokage right? He is a very gifted man. I aspire to achieve such status one day. Let me hear what he told you, perhaps I’ll use it to better myself as a shinobi, once I defeat you,” said Teru. “Why don’t you give up, on me giving up,” said Nila.

(Teru's eyes grow keen as he makes handseals.)

"Earth Style: Stalagmite," yelled Teru. (Chakra in his feet is transmitted through the earth and reaches Nila's location. Large spikes come out the earth from all angles, they attempt to strike her.)

(Immediately she strikes the ground with an explosive tag this causes the stalagmite to get crumpled as well as the earth type prison surrounding her legs. The crowd is shocked at her method. Teru is as well.)

“Good thing the earth used in the jutsu was so strong, otherwise I would have blown my legs off,” said Nila. (Teru is amazed by her rashness.)

“How reckless. I suppose it got you free though,” said Teru. “Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet. I’ll show you how reckless I can be,” smiled Nila.
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