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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

(She rushes toward Teru. He does a string of handseals. Immediately stalagmite spikes come at her from all angles as she dashes up and down and around and around. She then produces chakra near her hands, palming the spikes that she can't avoid, destroying them in her wake. She gets closer to him.)

"Amazing. She has quick reflexes. So that's the Konoha's gentle fist in action. Earth Style: Wall,” yelled Teru. (Teru touches the ground, which forms a large wall separating themselves from each other. She tosses the explosive kunai that she was hiding at the wall, shattering it. She reaches to Teru’s location.)

“So that’s her plan with Kunai. She’s fast, but I’ll have to restrict her before she reaches me. Then I’ll extend my distance and strike from long range,” said Teru. (He strikes the ground with two hands, causing the earth to constrict her legs, stopping her in mid air.)

"I don't have enough chakra or time for stalagmite. If I continue I can constrict her entire torso. (Teru notices that her belt has shuriken wrapped around it and Nila is grabbing for them.) This however leaves her hands open to toss projectiles while I'm distracted manipulating the earth. I'll retreat for now," said Teru.

(But before he can pull away effectively, he notices that she switches her action and is placing an explosive on a Kunai. She hits the base of the earth structure holding her in mid-air with that kunai.)

“Last one. I’ll make it count,” said Nila. “Damn it,” said Teru. (The explosive breaks her free and since she’s in mid-air, the explosion pushes her forward.)

“She closed the gap,” said shocked Teru. (Nila thinks to herself.) “I’m not a pro with the gentle fist and with my chakra being so low, I won’t be flashy with it. But he’s tired, it should be enough to win. Also, based on what I saw from him in battle, he could probably only use earth elemental ninjutsu while he's only connected to the earth, that means he can't defend himself with earth elemental ninjutsu,” said Nila.

(Teru is in mid-air)

"Damn it. She saw through my weakness," said Teru.

(She forms slight chakra around her left palm and immediately strikes Teru’s chest, knocking him forward. Everyone cheers as she grasps victory. The announcer walks over to Nila and raises her hand.)

"And the winner who has claimed total victory over the Chuunin Exam, is Uzumaki Nila," said Announcer. (Everyone cheers.)

(She walks over to Teru and helps him up.)

“You were a really tough opponent. If it wasn’t for those tags of mine, you would have won,” said Nila.

“No what ifs. You won because you had the better game plan. Still, to be able to change the tide like that when faced with such adversity, you are indeed something else. To make a dire situation a circumstance you can prevail in. That’s an admiring characteristic you have there,” said Teru.

(She slightly blushes.)

Next Time: Decisions are taken into account.

-The Decision

(Hokage and Kazekage make their way to the panel of judges.)
“So, what’s the verdict,” asked Kazekage. “I haven’t seen a Chuunin Exam this explosive in a good while,” smiled The Hokage.

“Brilliant match, you should be proud Lord Hokage of how well your child performed. Ahh, such a refreshing match; that must be how you did things when you were younger. What do you think Sensei,” said Sarutobi

(Sarutobi touches the next guy’s shoulder.)

“I’ve told you about calling me that. It was most certainly a nail biter. Really fast paced. They’ve both done exceptionally well, the other contenders too. The last match was definitely one for the records. Not a single wasted move. I tried to get my kid to take the exam, but he keep telling me how uninterested he is in becoming a ninja, and dazes off with the flick of a wrist. What a drag, he’s a handful,” said Shikamaru.

“Pretty amazing wouldn’t you say? It seems my training over the girl paid off. Although, she likes to explore a little to satisfy that curious mind of hers, it is truly an honor Uzumaki Sensei to train her. But what could you expect, right? Daughter of the Hokage and trained by his number one pupil. The kid’s bound to be something special,” said Hiro.

“That Teru kid is also something astounding. Elemental ninjutsu, B ranked at that.. His timing was precise. He's a genius for sure. The Sand hasn't been slacking off in these times of peace," said Sarutobi.
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