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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

"Like I always say, there are always darker times ahead. We're always prepared," said Kazekage.

"That is why we village leaders still hold these Chunnin Exams. Although a little competition is good, it is always self assuring to have the next generation ready to step up. It seems some things never change with the times," said The Hokage.

“We’ve arrived to a decision. Teru we’ll be promoted to Chuunin. His skills in ninjutsu are above average and he maintains a healthy level of chakra throughout the battle, this makes him a reliable asset to his teammates when they need to rely on him. He is also versatile in multiple situations, changing his jutsu strategy to match the playing field. Nila will also be promoted to Chuunin. Her ability to use ninja tools to increase her chances of victory while being aware of the potency of damage and capacity shows us that she knows how to manage equipment during missions and can provide accurate judgment on where to place traps. Her fast reflexes and timing are also excellent," said Shikamaru.

"Good. It is settled then," said The Hokage.

"We'll go discuss it with the advisers right away," said Sarutobi.

(The scene switches back to the present day. She thinks back to what Teru told her before he left for recovery.)

“He’s right. To make a dire situation a circumstance that I can prevail in, perhaps that’s the only thing that I can do. But it is better than sitting around and doing nothing. Many villagers may end up dead. But I can do whatever I can to help those that struggle to survive. The hidden Sand should would most likely aid the cause. I can't wait around for Konoha and my dad. I want to do things on my own for a change. I want to be known for my own talents, not just known because I'm the Hokage's daughter. That is my mission,” thought Nila.

(It has been seven years since the last shinobi war. The shinobi world has known peace for nearly a decade. Though the world is in an overall decent state of peace, villages still trains their shinobi to the best of their abilities, so they'd be prepared if a war would to breakout. However, there are always those whom reject salvation, as typical missions to ease the forests for travelers must be taken into account. Well until just recently, the shinobi world is shaken with a huge threat.)

Background information:

Hiro: He was once a gennin under The Hokage's tutelage. The whereabouts of his other teammates are unknown. He is a Jounin and wears the typical Jounin-Chuunin attire. He carries two extremely wide short swords, a sheath on each side of his legs. He has short spiky hair. His face is very manly, kind of gaunt like, and holds a strong chin. He's calm and collected and is a very powerful shinobi. His abilities are unknown. He is slightly cocky, but his modesty makes up for it. He's muscular but not quite hulky. He's tall, about Jiraiya's height. He is the squad leader of Nila's team. He's a fairly young man.

Shikamaru: Favors how his father looked like during the current series of Naruto due the number of years that has gone by. The only exception is that he does not have any scars on his face. He is The Hokage's aid.

Sarutobi: He looks very much like a young Asuma however, his face is slightly thinner and his hair is laid to the back (think Aizen after revealing his true nature). He wears the typical Chuunin-Jounin attire. Whether he is Jounin or Chuunin is unknown. He carries Asuma's Chakra knives. Has a small bit of hair under his chin, like how the 3rd Hokage had it. He is kind of carefree, but he remains focused in times of need. He is of average height and has slight bulky build, kind of like Asuma, but slightly thinner in mass.

Kazekage: Wears the traditional Kazekage uniform, mask included until the Hokage takes it off. His face has gotten rougher, in a sense that's he's aged more. He doesn't look as menacing as his father did, but the resemblance is stronger. He seems a bit more open than he did all those years ago however, he retains some of that mellow nature.

The Hokage: Does not wear the hat that the previous Hokages wore. He wears a cloak similar to that of the 4th Hokage’s however, underneath he wears a kind of loose clothing similar to that of Jiraiya's, however the style is slightly different, being a light blend. Like the Kazekage, the Hokage's face is much rougher, in a sense that his face has been aged. However, the look doesn't make him seem weak, it gives him a sense of charisma, although his nonchalant behavior may change all of that when he opens his mouth.

(Look based off two years ago.)
Teru: The Sand's most promising shinobi since The Kazekage himself. He is considered a genius by many. He is very modest and loves to give credit when it is due. He apparently has high regard for the Hokage. He is of average height for a young man his age. He wears a black short shirt with a long black coat over it that reaches his ankles. His pants are black as well. He carries all his ninja gear and equipment in his coat's slots. His coat is unzipped. He has short brownish-blackish hair which is smooth in texture. His eyes make him look serious. Facial structure resembles a kind of fusion between Gaara's and Sasuke's face.
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