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Re: your favorite anime series

Originally Posted by TheSixthHokage View Post
One Piece is crap, Kakashi87, seriously. I read about 50 chapters and my interest died, it's like Pirate Naruto without a cooler setting, more interesting characters and better battles.

Bleach and Naruto have great battles and interesting characters, while One Piece has a semi-retarded rubber man with a gay hat, a swordsmen that uses three swords (including one in his mouth) and a navigator who steals from them every 5 chapters.... it's such a bad series it's insane.
You have to keep watching, it will get a hell of a lot better. I thought the same thing about Naruto and Bleach with such a slow intro that I almost gave up on it but then after Haku and Zabuza arc things got interesting; same thing with Bleach, after Byakuya kicked Ichigo's ass the first time they met and was training with Kisuke to get his shinigami powers back it got me hooked to watch more. I first saw One Piece english dubbed by Fox Kids TV. I thought it was the worst piece of crap anime I've ever laid eyes on but then later on I saw it in Japanese uncut and it was like an entirely different show. It has great character developement, better action, and its a faster paced anime. Unlike Naruto and Bleach which like to take after DBZ and talk to their enemies for like two eps and fight for half a episode and talk smack again and glare at each other. I would give it more time before giving it such harsh criticisms.

Originally Posted by tom_servo
While I wouldn't go that far, I will say One Piece is just a bit too childish to keep me interested. The anime is even more so. I like the concept, but simply can't get into it.
Yeah sometimes it can be childish when the story gets lighthearted but when its a serious arc and the action starts there is nothing childish about it. I've seen better written dramatic serious scenes in One Piece than in Naruto and Bleach.
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