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Re: Predictions and spoiler discussins for chapter 454

Since it finally worked here my prediction for 454

Chap 454 prediction:

Naruto and Team 7 stand next to Karuhi and Omoi. Sakura still sobs about Sasuke being with Akatsuki.

Karuhi asks Naruto. “Your called Naruto? Naruto as in Uzumaki Naruto who beat Pain the Akatsuki leader and who trained under the legendary Sannin Jiraya?” “That’s right, that’s me and therefore I understand your feelings for Killerbee because Jiraya was also killed by the Akatsuki leader Pain. Why do you ask?” Naruto returns. “I just couldn’t believe a simple mind like you would be able to do that.” Naruto feels offended but didn’t show it. “So I wanted to know. Anyway what is with the Uchiha renegade you said you will provide us any information you got.” She comments. “I said I will and I will. I will tell you while we search for your master together.” He loud speaks. Sakura who calmed down then states. “What? only if you take me with you.” Sai also speaks. “Count me in as well.” “Well, since your defeated Pain, you sure wouldn’t be a burden and I saw you fight. Omui you also agree?” she asks. “I’m fine with it and that Sai guy also seems to be a usable fighter if we encounter someone mean. We sure could use some backup if a mean Akatsuki shows up. If me meet with Akatsuki the will bomb the fighting place we’re on. This will cause a big earthquake which destroys all near villages…” he starts to say but Karuhi pissed interrupts. “Stop that, will ya. However we are OK with it, only our leader Samui remains but if we tell about your skills she also won’t mind.” Karuhi explains. “But this girl, she is kinda cute…” Sakura shivers a moment. “…seems pretty useless, we shouldn’t put her in danger. If we hit a mean Akatsuki she will be in danger. The Akatsuki will attack and finally kill her first. Then he laughs evil and attacks us. After we killed him we lost this pretty and I couldn’t bear it and…” He again starts a story. “Sigh, will you ever change… Anyway I must agree with him. During our little brawl she seemed kind of useless and only caught hits…” Then Sakura yelled in anger. “What did you just say… I’m may not be as strong as Naruto or Sasuke but I ‘m Tsunades student and an excellent medical Ninja, not to mention my dodging and punching skills…” Then Kakashi comes in. “Calm down you two. I saw everything in here and I must say impressive especially from you Naruto but however, it won’t be that easy. You just can’t leave the village so easily or else you will be missing nins like Sasuke is. You need the approval of the Hokage to do so.” He lectures them. Naruto is angry.

Switch scene to Danzou

“So the Kage summit is about to start and it will be hold in one of the small neutral countries in our neighbourhood?” Danzou says to Samui. “Yes indeed and you should now tell me about this Uchiha kid if we’re gonna to chase him.” Samui says. “Sure, sure... You should know Hatake Kakashi.” He states. “Of course I do, who does not know about the legendary Copycat Ninja of Konoha but what has this to do with the information you promised us and which I now demand.” Samui enraged says. “One thing after an other. He was the Jounin in charge of the Uchiha you search for while he still was one of Konohas Ninjas. He will give you all information you need. Just take this order to him and you will learn everything. Then he summons a letter. He should be somewhere in our village and helping rebuilding. I now want you to leave. I must make preparations for my parting. My regards.” He finishes. While she leaves she thinks. “I don’t like this guy. He has something at him which makes you creep and he is a cold, logic warmonger… We should stay aware of him but there is more eager business to take care of now. The killing of Uchiha Sasuke.

“So the summit about further actions will be held soon, I just wonder if it will be better to take Sai as my bodyguard with me. Since I ordered Kakashi to lock Naruto away in Konoha until I say something else it should be okay. The other Kages don’t like me much and the Tsuchikage not even likes Konoha while the Mizukage is a mystery it may be better this way…”

Switch back to Naruto

Samui appears sudden and sees Kakashi. “That is a nice coincidence, Kakashi Hatake I just met the Hokage for information exchange and he gave me orders for you to tell me about this Uchiha kid. I hope you will fill them immediately.” She says. “Orders? Let’s see” he wonders. “Sensai Kakashi, what orders?” Naruto asks. “They say I shall tell the cloud nins everything I know about Sasuke.” “What were you two doing Omui, Karuhi and why are standing around with them?” she asks. “Well, we thought we gather information by ourselves.” Omui answers. “And?!” “Well we just met the former Team mates of him. One is a girl who seemingly still loves him even after learning what became of him and the boy who is the Kyuubi host and the one who defeated their leader Pain.” Karuhi says. “Did you find out anything about this Sasuke at all?” Samui with a lifted eyebrow curious asks. “Well, he said master Killerbee could be still alive and that our first goal should be to search for him.” “And you believe him? Idiotic.” She argues. “He seems not to try anything strange besides he knows about our loss because Pain killed Jiraya who mast his master. Further he promised us to give us all information if we take him with us while we search.” Karuhi concludes. “Is that so? I want to talk to him myself. Is it the blonde ore the black haired one?” she ends. “The blonde and naive boy there.” Omui comments. “So, then I will follow this orders for now” Kakashi announces and soon after Samui comes to them. “That fits well, I will tell you about everthing about Sasuke though Naruto would be better cuz he had more contact with him alone than me. Anyway, let’s start…” Kakashi starts to reveal all about Sasuke…

Switch scen to Sasuke and Taka.

Some panels about their movement with one half of Zetsu and Sasuke thinking. “Naruto beat Pain, unbelievable. After I killed Danzou I will head to Konoha with his head and kill Naruto as well. I will proof he is still weak and besides, he killed the one who destroyed Konoha, which I want to do. He will pay, all will pay…” Then Zetsu speaks to him. “What is Sasuke, something seemingly bothers you; doubt you would be able to kill him?” “…” “Of course he will, Sasuke is the strongest Ninja of all. But what IS this Tobi guy?” “I never saw Sasuke like that…” Suigetso thinks.

Switch scene to the hidden Rock

Tsuchikage dono, we received an invitation to a Kage summit regarding the latest moves of Akatsuki. It will be held near Konoha and all Kages will be there, shall I tell the messenger you will come as well or shall I sent him in to report everything?” a Hidden Rock ninja shouts. “No need now, you can tell me later as well. Tell him I also will come and sent him back.” He calm says. “Understand Tsuchikage-sama.” Then he rushes out. “I see, this may be a chance to get revenge at Konoha, this will be interesting…” Someone enters from the shadows. “A Kabuto, you finally here, this means you eventually acquired the power of Orochimaru you wanted so long?!” the Tsuchikage asks. “Yes master though the cells still won’t give up but this is only a question of time…” Kabuto strange states. “Well, you sure has much to report and I’m eager to hear it. It is just sad that we have to erase Konoha ourself instead of let Orochimaru do it…”

End of chapter.
Many forces against Konoha and Naruto are on their move and plan something against Konoha. What will happen now, see the next chapter.
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