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Re: Predictions and spoiler discussins for chapter 454

Wow. This is an amazingly drawn out and lengthly prediction. My predictions are hardly ever this long.

Another Specialist Prediction

-Preparing for the Kage Summit

(The Scene starts at Konoha, in Danzou's Hut.)

"Lord Danzou, the location of the Kage Summit is at the Fire Country's Daimyou headquarters," said Anbu Servant 1.

"A suitable meeting place, considering the Land of Fire is surrounded by the other great Shinobi Nations on all sides. It makes it more convenient for all parties," said Danzou.

"What about Uzumaki, surely once you leave the village, he is free to roam, he's not one to be restrained," said Anbu Servant 2.

(Sai comes in, interrupting the meeting.)

"Sai here, reporting for next objective," said Sai. "Good. Now, what has Naruto gotten himself into? Explain to me of his next plans," said Danzou.

"Nothing, he said nothing," said Sai. "Hmm, oh really," said Danzou. (Danzou makes a hand seal; all of a sudden Sai falls straight down on the floor and starts to shake uncontrollably.)

"You've never lied to me before, why the certain change? I can monitor the chakra waves of your body through this hand seal, your previous words states otherwise with your claim. Has this Naruto gotten to you too," asked Danzou. "ARRGHH, he said nothing," groaned Sai. "You do know that the seal in your mouth may hide secrets from the enemy however, from me I am able to probe information out of you. That's one of the secrets behind my jutsu," said Danzou.

"ARRGHH," grunted Sai. (Sai has flash backs of team 7.) "Looks like you want things the hard way," said Danzou. (He makes another hand seal, and all of a sudden, Sai spills his guts.)

"Naruto is planning to assist the Cloud ninja in recovering their master, a host that was captured by Uchiha Sasuke. Right now, he is releasing information about Akatuski and Sasuke to them, so they can form a joined platoon and execute their next objective" said Sai. (Danzou releases the jutsu.)

"Hmm, so he thinks he can just evade my watch. Sai, you will accompany me as an escort to the Kage Summit. Get your equipment ready," said Danzou.

(Sai rubs his throat to ease the pain.)

"Yes your honor," said Sai. "And since you enjoy backing up for Naruto. That is exactly what you will be doing. Your friend will now be your fellow partner in escorting me to the Kage Summit. This is an important mission, an S-Ranked Mission. If everything goes smoothly, it will make your record sheets look even more impressive," said Danzou.

"Understood, moving out," said Sai. (He leaves to get his gear together.)

"You two, stop Naruto from leaving the village at all costs. I could careless if it takes an entire squad of you to persuade him. It works out better this way, now I can monitor him at all times," said Danzou.

(Switch Scene Switches to Naruto, Karui and Omoi. They’re in Naruto's armory room in his house.)

"So, this Sasuke uses lightning elemental ninjutsu," said Karui. "The way you explain make him sound similar to how Killer Bee channels chakra into his blades," said Omoi.

"He moves very fast as well. At first I wasn't sure if I could keep up with him. Also, given that he was part of the Uchiha Clan, he also has a liking for fire elemental ninjutsu. But, we shouldn’t concern ourselves with that right now. We need to go looking for your master," said Naruto.

"True that," said Omoi. (Naruto puts on a cloak, similar to the one he wore when he defeated Pain. He then picks up a scroll and puts it on.)

"Are you ready," asked Karui.

“Just about; these are Akatuski we are dealing with, I’d doubt they’d just let us walk in and save him,” said Naruto.

“What else do you know about Akatuski,” asked Karui. “I’ve taken out Pain, who I thought was to be a leader, but I’ve heard there is a guy above him. I’ve also defeated a guy called Kakuzu,” said Naruto.

“You must be very accomplished to be able to do something like that, but who is this man behind him,” asked Omoi.

“I’m not really sure. I know he has a mask and all of our ninjutsu just passes right through him. (Karui and Omoi are shocked.) He’s the most dangerous of them all I guess,” said Naruto.

“Anything about their plans,” asked Karui. “I just know what I’ve been told. Akatuski is gathering up all the hosts, and it is said that an entire shinobi country could be wiped out in a second with a kinjutsu using all the beasts’ power. I don’t know what they plan to use it for, but its definitely bad news,” said Naruto.

“To think they’d do something like that,” said Karui. “No wonder such a shady organization gets so much bad rep,” said Omoi.

“Then there’s this plant looking guy, who appeared out of no where. I don’t know anything about him besides that he's a scout, that's all I pulled from the book on him. Finally, there’s this guy who carries a huge sword. I think his name was Kisame, he was once part of a group that this one guy my squad took care of. Seven mists swordsmen. His blade absorbs chakra,” said Naruto.

“Nice intel. So tell me, is that all of them. I would assume there would be more,” said Karui. “Nah, my squad, and the rest of Konoha help put an end to Akatuski members. And Sasuke has also played his part. I got most of my information on the members from a book that had information about Akatuski in it,” said Naruto.

“You said Sasuke played his part, yet he is with Akatuski, what is up with that,” asked Omoi. “I don’t know. I have a feeling he was brainwashed. Still, it doesn’t justify what he did to you guys. We’ll get to the bottom of this though,” said Naruto.

“Are you ready,” asked Karui.

(Naruto produces two shadow clones they run to the corner and began gathering chakra.)

"Shadow clones? What for," asked Omoi. "They help me balance natural energy," said Naruto. "WHAT," asked Omoi. "You guys aren't Sages, you shouldn't worry about it then," said Naruto.

"OH, you think you are so cool cuz you an oversized scroll and a robe," said Karui. "Yeah, our blades are way cooler. SEE, SEE," yelled Omoi. (He pulls out his blade and starts swinging it around.)

"Careful Omoi, you might cut somebody," said Karui. (Naruto grabs his bag, and they step outside, automatically Kakashi catches to up them.)

"Going after Sasuke anyway ehh," asked Kakashi. "First things first though. I'm helping them go save their master," said Naruto. "I'm so sorry Naruto. I didn't want to believe it either, about Sasuke I mean. I know how you must feel, considering that you too are a host. Anyway, you do realize the seriousness of this action; leaving the village, going against the elders. I hope you are prepared for the consequences," said Kakashi.

"I know. But I also know what it is like to lose my master. I don't want anyone to go through that pain," said Naruto. (Karui and Omoi start crying in the background.)

"He's so noble," sob Karui. "We are going to save you master, as long as we have this guy on our side," sob Omoi.

"Huh. I guess there's no stopping you. Heck, if it wasn't for your reasons, we'd all be dead," said Kakashi.

(Samui walks by.)
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