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Re: your favorite anime series

Originally Posted by Sapphire Assasin View Post
Mine are:

1. Code Geass
2. Bleach
3. FMA
4. Naruto
5. Blood +

And from then on it's really just old shows I used to watch like Metabots, the old Pokemon and Digimon (first two seasons); all that crap (I miss the good old days)

But even today Code Geass is my fav, I just loved how it was a change of pace for me, more about tactics and utilizing what you had to win instead of just over-powered robots (no offense meant to those who like that).

That combined with enourmous plot twists and huge questions concerning morals and choice, makes this one a hard one to knock off the top.

But I really should expand my anime/manga horizens I just might look up some of these.

Yeah! I like Metabots and Digimon 1 & 2 ( Patamon/Angemon is the best digimon ever ). I really want to see tht anime again, maybe someone can help me tell me the links to download tht anime. But then again Most likely i dont have the time to watch it lol so nvm.
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