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Re: Naruto Q&A

@JenovaCake: If all the paths of Pain indeed have orange hair, I would think that Nagato made a tribute to his best friend, Yahiko. Thus the orange hair carnival!

@ pesass: Whether or not Sasuke can use the Susanoo is not confirmed yet, but there is a 95% chance that he can; Madara specifically said that Itachi had implanted ALL of his eye techniques into Sasuke's eyes.

@Illdre3010: Uhh...I don't know if I'm missing something here, but isn't part of what Nagato revealed about using the beasts to create war partially true? I mean, I know Madara was using and manipulating Nagato/Pain to some extent, but it is highly plausible that using the beasts to create a massive war and force nations to higher mercenaries is true as well; in addition to Madara's ulterior, top secret motive as well, of course.
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