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unresolved plot lines

with wonderweiss and the vaizards showing up, it got me thinking that Kubo is now finishing off the unresolved plot lines.

the vaizards were always going to show but wonderweiss caught most ppl by surprise as he wasnt part of the top ten espadas.

with that being said what are the other unresolved plot lines?

sado still has a role to play as his powers has been mentioned several times thorughout the manga. despite the fact that he was beaten by noitora, i still think that his powers will need to be resolved which means him having a serious impact in the fight against yammy. after all we already know renji and rukia's abilities. also is it me or does his granpa or w/e look like barrangan?

tatsuki, she was able to see ichigo in his shinigami state, does she have a role to play?

ichigo's sisters and father? also what about the mother? we know his father was a captain, could it be possible that his mother was also a shinigami? (but she was killeed by the grand fisher so potentially not that strong)

kenpachi and his zankpatou's name

the two kids from the uruhara shop
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