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Re: Spoiler

Originally Posted by Nameer View Post
Credits: koenosaki
From: MangaHelpers -

A rough Translation of the above text i believe.

Hirako asks to Aizen how he's been.

The top starts with the vaizards faces

Kira: Who are they. Every one of them has spirit power of a captain level. It's all over.
Komamura: ...
Aizen: Thanks to you, I've been doing well.
Aizen: If we take one step now, everything ends... Hirako Sinji, I'm gonna have to ask you to step away.
HIrako: Still a troublesome guy... You haven't changed a bit since you were in mother's womb... We'll show you Aizen
Hirako: The thing that has taken root inside of us, the thing that you've been wanting so badly.
The vaizards all turn into hollow form.
The spirit energy comes down heavily around the area
Kira: Ah...Ah...
Soifon: A hollow mask...! They're...
Hirako: How is it Aizen? Seeing this much hollow form all at once?
Stark: Aizen-san! Are these people friends? Or
Aizen: They're just mistakes... There's no problem in gettng rid of them.
Stark: Understood
Fires cero repeatedly
Vaizards all fire cero of their own to offset the cero
Stark: Tsk, cero for you guys too...
Hiyori: Baka Sinji! Use your full power! It only offset it
Hirako: I fired one that was twice as big as yours
Hiyori: What did you just say!
Rose: Stop it you too... No one's taking it easy... It just means that that's how strong that Arrancar is
Risa: I did fire it easy.
HIrako: The one that we met in the human world last time and... This is a pain in the butt.
Mashiro: What's wrong Kensei? You
You've got a scary look on your face.
Kensei: You can't tell my expression!
Hirako: Is it Tousen?
This Chapter seems interesting cant wait

Final Getsugga
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