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Re: Such thing as Luck?

I believe in the theory of Randomness. Which is backed up by my logical Atheism.

Because no god(s) existing definitely constitutes to the fact that everything is not predetermined.

If it is indeed, a fact, that is.

However, the concept of luck can still exist whether things are predetermined or just chance.

For example, if it were just chance, when something happens in your favor, you are lucky. Because such coincidences do not normally happen.

"Wow, you're lucky, what are the chances of that happening!?

If it is "destiny" and something "good" happens (even though it was already predetermined) you can be considered lucky that you even got such a "good" fate in the first place. As others don't have such fates.

"Wow, you're lucky, I wish I had such a glorious destiny!"

And the definition of lucky is having good luck. And luck is a chance happening, or that which happens beyond a person's control (such as destiny).

So, the concept of luck exists. That's a given.

/Question answered.

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