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Re: need help with megaupload

Originally Posted by Uchiha09 View Post
whenever i click on a link on the anime page to go to megaupload, such as avi, mp4 whatever, it just says that it can't display the page, i know i'm connected to the internet because otherwise i can't go to the naruto/bleach central page in the first place so i just can't figure out why i can't go anywhere so i'm just wondering how i can fix the problem with not being able to even connect with megaupload to download the files. i've tried turning my modem off and on but that doesn't help
try activating cookies...


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Kisame will pwn KB.
Sasuke will pwn Raikage/the battle gets stopped before it's finished.

Someone sig this. I want to make someone faceplant onto my claim once it's reality.
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