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Re: Are the Vasto-Lordes the arrancar that Aizen made? *Please, no spoilers*

A few more reasons why Gin and Tosen are weaker than top 5 espada,

Gin( my second favourite, I love the dude permanent smile it looks like he would be gutting you and still smile merrily away), every tussle he being in looks like is has to put effort into it like with Jiroubo(big guys at SS gate), I think even then Ichigo could have taken him, I'm not underestimating Gin and he is my second favourite for other reasons (come on he get to hang around with Rangiku and her two twins, he probably even snuckle between em, I bet he could fit em both in his mouth and that a compliment Gin) and remember we still haven't seen his Bankai.

Tosen is blind, bang big disadvantage, no matter how much u train yourself being blind is always a big disadvantage so I reckon that be his downfall, maybe someone will cure his sight during a fight and that will distract him long enough for his head to leave his neck.

NONE OF THIS POST^^^ CONTAIN ANY SPOILER but then again that depends on which part of anime/manga you're on but keeping with the topic and where this question can come in play (and that only it the creator of thread has watch the entire Heuco Mundo Arc, I haven't even finish that arc yet, someone put some damn filler half way through), I can safely repeat myself and say NO SPOILER IN EITHER OF MY POSTS, if you do find any then please give me bad rep, by clicking on scale, other wise can I please get some good rep, I got -15 becuase of topping which I had no clue what it was and btw how do you identify an old thread/close thread, especially if the reply box is still at the bottom of page
Which of these would you take home

Here is Aizen Advert for recruiting Vasto Lordes because I can't imagine how else he does it.

Becoming a Vasto Lorde does have its privileges, e.g you get to choose which meal you want today from a menu of hollows (big and small), adjucha, humans and the main course Shinigami's, but wait it's doesnt end there if you rip your mask off, you get the ultra special form of ARRANCAR, this baby comes with special Shinigami powers, extra powerful moves, like Grand-ray Cero and the extremely rare Zanpakuto. So sign up today, offer ends 31st Dec, terms and conditions apply. Please see Gin or Tosen for any further more details.

Here is a link to the sexiest thread ever

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