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FrEaK_aPpLe is an unknown quantity at this point

Science has confirmed the existence of ‘anti-particles’. Particles of the same substance (in most cases mass) but different electric charge. The most basic forms of matter have anti-particles (protons, neutrons -basic form of matter- to such non-fundamental elements such as carbon and hydrogen -inclusive to compound elements I.E oxygen). Furthermore, the existence of anti-matter was soon discovered; where matter at its most purest has an opposite charge. Needless to say I am unable to comprehend the string theory, quantum mechanics, and or any highly developed physics related hypothesis on the existence of a parallel universe-I can say the evidence is mounding up and sooner or later the existence of a mirror universe will be proven. I wonder if something like The Justice League will take place, in which the mirror (same but different) heroes rule earth with an iron fist.
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