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Re: funniest user name between these?

Originally Posted by Tzu men View Post
Success. I don't think I was even trying to provoke this twat lol.

Anyway, do you really think that any of the mods or users in this community should take a topic asking people to consider lame wordplay usernames like 'nuckingfutz' and 'dittlelick', seriously?
OMFGLMAOROFLOL!!! you the coolest man! I can't compete with your coolness...
what's that? you guy's competing to see who provokes someone better? oh, that's fucking shameful. how stupid is that? keep trying, you're not getting embarassing...
you fail, you didn't provoke me.
twat? look who's acting all almighty superior now! lol
BTW who are you? Oh, right. I even forgot that last post of yours, thanks for reminding me that your post did your attempt to provoke me...lmao. I read your post and It makes no sense to me, I know no such person. Double fail!

If I was asking seriously, and even STATED IT after the first stupid post by mal, yes, I'm expecting that.
A mod shouldn't go spamming into a topic.
If you think they're lame, why'd you answer? don't bother next time. your life is that boring that you waste time with lame things? Oh wait, you wanted to show your coolness, that's why you answered. you're one of those guys who always know what to say, right?
sorry, attempt failed...

Being a mod is not about acting all cool and brag about it, just because a mod is the "god" of the forum doesn't mean he can do anything he'd like. It's about preventing shit like this to happen, not make it worse.
And a mod should never go by the person they like better, they should see all members equally. Mirubo made fan of me because his boyfriend Mal (not trying to offend you, you said it yourself: quote from Mirubo "Anything for you. <333333333" owwww, it's touching. Did he give you any flowers back?) asked him to. lol.
If you're a mod do your job, cuz the job you're doing with this thread could be done better by a nutless monkey, I'm not saying you suck as a mod and don't do your job, I'm just saying you failed at it in this very thread.
Oh, wait, I forgot, my argument is invalid, you guys are too cool...

keep making fun of me all you're all annoying and I don't want to have arguments with you anyway. you guys are epic fail.
anyway, while you guys keep trying, I'll sit back and watch your attempts, I'll say whether it's success or failure since I'm the only one who can judge If I'm provoked or not...
I'll keep track of the records for you guys! Let's have a little fun since this thread is at spam zone now...keep trying...

Starting Now! go go go!

Tzu men's attempts: 1
Successiful: 0
Failed: 1
Coolness factor: 9/10
Provocation level: 0/10

good job, keep trying, next!


Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
Kisame will pwn KB.
Sasuke will pwn Raikage/the battle gets stopped before it's finished.

Someone sig this. I want to make someone faceplant onto my claim once it's reality.

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