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Re: Ilonggo/ Filipino Thread

Sa isang party, nilapitan ng cute na guy ang isang pangit na babae.

Boy: Miss, do you wanna dance?

Tuwang-tuwa ang ugly gurl.

Girl: YES!!!

Boy: Good. Paupo na ko.
Ehhh... did they live happily ever after? I like happy endings... did they?

uhhh... asdjhf ';ksdaio a ihoajsd/g aishdlawsje/a joishdgl;asjg; ;lsjgas/g.j mozilla...
ASDF?! ASDF?! alijvnagselkf o! wpoirjg ncwnf o, aliufhg ro!! sd;oftg vst;o oofknmw vpgh;a; ,m nvb sto!!

da hell!? cno yan!?
Your embodiment in the world of manga.

Ako si Mayuri Darkland, ikaw si Charlotte Coolhorn(y). Too bad I didn't get to dissect you.

yan lang ba ang kaya mo? eh tikman mo itong.... beefy burger ko!!! TIKMAN MO YAN!!! MASARAP YAN!!! MWAHIHIHIHHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI!!!!
WTH. That laugh was like, waaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond miho! I mean, I can handle it when you go miho, but that was waaaaaaaaaaaay off the miho charts. I'm now thinking of coining a new word to describe something which is waaaaaaaay more mihoer than miho. I would do that now, but that'd hurt my brain.

nag alala din ako... ng konti.. pero masamang damo ka naman eh... so you'll live far longer than me na isa lamang mabait at tila anghel na tao....
I think I just threw up in my mouth...

Hwag mo nga akong gawing miho. Di ako katulad ni....Miho ano. (joke lang Wapz)

Ano koneksyon ni Enma Ai sa pagsasayaw?
1. You're his BFF. XD His miho is bound to rub off on you.
2. I'm not telling you. If you have a brain, it's about time you used it.
The march of the human mind is... painfully slow.
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