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Re: funniest user name between these?

Originally Posted by OG View Post
mod gaiz, we are "GODZ" to him

srly though, your posts are too long, whats the/your problem?
//a blunt, straight answer is better than verbosolizm for lazies
you got that right, people are too lazy to read everything, if they read everything, this shit would be over. as a "god" why don't you just delete this thread?

Originally Posted by Babyface BK View Post
There are enough fails here already?

If there are enough fails already what are you doing here.

Also that coolness factor/provocation stuff is the most homosexual shit I've ever seen coming second to that zatchlover's posts.
you fail again, GTFO...


Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
Kisame will pwn KB.
Sasuke will pwn Raikage/the battle gets stopped before it's finished.

Someone sig this. I want to make someone faceplant onto my claim once it's reality.
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