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Re: funniest user name between these?

I look around for a condom, but he shakes his head 'no' and gets on his hands and knees, offering his ass to me. And what a glorious ass it is, all tight rippling muscles, tanned to perfection. I mimic his 'lubrication' by spitting into my hand and massage his anus. As aroused as I've ever been in my life, I enter him quickly and start pumping. It didn't take long. When I felt my climax building, I reached around and palmed his cock; the condom must have slipped off and he was rigid again. As I fucked him, I vigorously stroked most of the length of his cock. With another loud groan, he came just before I did.

^^^^^ WHAT THE FUCK ^^^^, did you sit there and think of fucking a dude .

That is just plain fucking wrong, i'm sick to my damn stomach, and I'll be very honest with ya, I haven't puke in a very very very very long time ( that how strong my stomach is).

Hands down this is the most disgusting SHIT around.

I'm scare of ever meeting Mai and I'm scarred for life!!!!
And next time you gonna post something like this anyone, please put in BIG BOLD CAPS, GAY SHIT BELOW BEWARE, READERS WILL REGURGIATE
Which of these would you take home

Here is Aizen Advert for recruiting Vasto Lordes because I can't imagine how else he does it.

Becoming a Vasto Lorde does have its privileges, e.g you get to choose which meal you want today from a menu of hollows (big and small), adjucha, humans and the main course Shinigami's, but wait it's doesnt end there if you rip your mask off, you get the ultra special form of ARRANCAR, this baby comes with special Shinigami powers, extra powerful moves, like Grand-ray Cero and the extremely rare Zanpakuto. So sign up today, offer ends 31st Dec, terms and conditions apply. Please see Gin or Tosen for any further more details.

Here is a link to the sexiest thread ever

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