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Re: Naruto 458 spoilers/predictions thread

well here is my prediction it is not special but i just wanted to write it :-P

The kages meeting

It starts in room where all kages assemble

Right after mifune give word to kages raikage start talking

“we must hunt down all of akatsuki, they have become a serious threat”

Tsuchikage : “I would really like to know the reason for this actions, what happened to cloud that you want to hunt down akatsuki? “

Raigake : “ sasuke uchiha of the akatsuki kidnapped my brother, eight tailed beast . I want to hunt down uchiha sasuke as a first akatsuki”

Danzo : “konohagakure will fully cooperate with you on hunting down and executing this uchiha brat”

Raikage : “I am very pleased to hear that”

Garra : “as I agree with hunting down akatsuki I am stay for forgiving sasuke, he is only being controlled by everyone, and I believe he will be saved by naruto”

Raikage : “NARUTO?!?! This brat intercept me right before meeting, he was bowing before me and begging for sasukes life and I don’t think this guy will save anyone , I thinh he will die soon.”

Danzo : “NARUTO SPOKE TO YOU?!?!?! No one is supposed to leave village while kage meeting, once I return to village I will punish him hard!”

Raikage : “I heard from my subordinates that he is your host and he recently defeated the leader of akatsuki (flashback of samui telling him about naruto the savior of konohagakure) , I would really like him to save my brother like he offered, I could make him this offer like he intercept me but I didn’t know it before.”

Danzo : “ you have no rights to offer weapon of my village any missions , we will help you with your weapon and executing of sasuke uchiha but uzumaki naruto WILL STAY IN THE VILLAGE!!!”

Mizukage : “I don’t see a reason why to call jinchurikies weapons, of course they have tailed beasts inside them but they are still humans, however village in the mist will also help with akatsuki and sasuke uchiha execution.”

Tsuchikage : “ rock village will also participate in akatsuki execution.”

Mifune: “ok it looks like you all have agreed with akatsuki execution now we can move on planning”

Scene switches to naruto

Naruto : “ I cant believe how cold-hearted he refused me”

Kakashi : “ you didn’t expect him to change his mind right away did you?”

Naruto : “ I didn’t but this refuse was far behind my expectations”

Naruto sadly stand up and start walking toward a hill

Yamato : “ kakashi-senpai this didn’t go well at all”

Kakashi : “ no it didn’t , in my opinion we have made it much worse, I just hope naruto wont take it too much , what bugs me more now is that Danzo will probably know that we left village against his orders, we must think carefully about next steps.”

Yamato : “ I fully agreed with you senpai , maybe we should consider leaving village, as much as I hate thinking about it may be the only option for us.”

Kakashi : “ but where will we go? Maybe travel like jiraya did and trying to achieve narutos goals. “

Naruto walks down from hill to kakashi and yamato again

Naruto : “ I am leaving village I don’t expect you to come with me and please don’t try to stop me”

Yamato and Kakashi look at each other and nod their heads

They both say : “we are going with you”

Naruto : “well then prepare for long journey we wont see home for a long time”

Scene switch to sasuke

Sasuke : “ we will wait till kages meeting ends and then we will follow hokage to safe distance, when there wont be anymore interferences I will take care of Danzo and the rest of you will take out his bodyguards.”

Suigetsu : “ that sounds like a promising plan sasuke.”

White zetsu : “ are u sure u can take out Danzo on your own? I mean he opposed sandaime in hokage election .”

Sasuke : “ of course I can … he is crippled and I have new powers , those can do it in an instant”

White zetsu thinks : he is too overconfident in MS techniques well this will be interesting

While sasuke is looking for a good spot for ambush Mifune states :
“in nine days from here on akatsuki hunt down mission will start, in these nine days every village will share all the info they have and assemble all their ninjas, the kage meeting is now dismissed”

Gaara and co.

Kankurou : “at last we can take revenge on what they did to you gaara”

Raikage and co. : “ just wait my brother I will revenge you and yugito as well.

Tsuchikage and co. : “ we must hurry to the village some big preparations are awaiting for us”

Mizukage and co. : “ ao assemble remaining swordsmen we will need them as strategist.”

Danzo and co.: “ well, well sasuke uchiha will finally be killed and then only one uchiha will remain, this pathetic clan will stop exist and it will be me who will erase them, torune go forth and bring uzumaki to me, he must be punished.”

Few moment after in narrow valley sasuke and co. awaits hidden for danzo

Danzo steps inside the valley

Sasukes eyes suddenly turn on MS while danzo give hands on his bandages

The end.
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