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Re: Naruto 458 spoilers/predictions thread

Here’s my prediction for chapter 458. I hope this time I get something right (PS: damn you Docki, posting a prediction with things I was thinking to post! I’m kidding :P)

458: The Fate of Akatsuki

(Kage Scene)
Mifune: The meeting will now begin.
Raikage: (stands up) First of all, thank you for coming with such short notice. (sits again) Second, I’ll be direct to the point: we, the Five Great Ninja Villages, got to eliminate the Akatsuki threat. (everyone stares in tension) They’re assaulting our villages, kidnapping the Jinchuuriki and killing for whatever reason they have!
Gaara: They are collecting the Bijuu inside them. For what purpose, I don’t know.
Raikage: How can you know that?
Gaara: I was a Jinchuuriki once (the Kages faces turn to Gaara). They took me from Sunagakure and extracted the Shukaku that dwelled inside me. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my village, with the help from Konoha. (bows his head a little for Danzou)
Raikage: Is that so? I wouldn’t be so fond of the Leaf, because one of its missing nin will do the same thing with my brother (stares at Danzou with a menacing glare)
Danzou: Are you accusing me of this incident?!
Raikage: You’re not the only one that doesn’t take care of their missing nin…
Tsuchikage: What in hell are you implying?
Misukage: Those are serious accusations you’re delivering, Raikage.
Raikage: Oh… from the data my ninja collected about Akatasuki, every village here besides mine has at least one missing nin that became part of that group: Sasori from Sunagakure, Deidara from Iwagakure, Kisame and Suigetsu from Kirigakure, and the biggest offender here, Konohagakure, with Orochimaru, Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke. If you Kages did take care of their missing nin, Akatsuki wouldn’t be such a big threat, or even existed at all!
Danzou: Preposterous!
Tsuchikage: I was never so insulted in my life!
Misukage: Are you blaming us for Akatsuki existence?!
Mifune: Please calm down. I do not want war to begin within these halls. (everyone calms down)
Gaara: Did you said Uchiha Sasuke?! (stares at Danzou) Does Naruto know this?!
Raikage: Do you know that whiny brat?
Gaara: Of course, he was the one who saved me from Akatsuki. He’s the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki. (Raikage looks shocked)
Raikage: He’s a Jinchuuriki?! So why his so called “friend” Sasuke took away my brother, Kirabi, also a Jinchuuriki?
Gaara: I don’t know. (looks away)
Raikage: Thought so. (looks at Danzou) What are you going to do about your missing nin, Konoha?!
Danzou: I already ordered my village to assume Uchiha Sasuke as a target to kill on sight.
Raikage: Good. I think it’s wise for all the villages to do that as well, for all Akatsuki members.
Tsuchikage: I think it’s wise too. The Stone will follow your advice.
Misukage: The Mist will do the same, since we still have our missing nin issue to attend to.
Gaara: The Sand will follow too… except for Uchiha Sasuke.
Raikage: What is the meaning of this?!
Gaara: Naruto saved me… twice. And I didn’t return the favour from the second time, so this is my way to thank him.
Danzou: Do you want the Sand end up like Konoha?! A giant crater where once was a proud village? (Everyone is shocked)
Gaara: What?
Danzou: One of Akatsuki members, named Nagato, assaulted our village in search of that Naruto you admire so much. All we got left is a giant hole and a village to rebuild. You’re inviting the same event if you let an Akatsuki roam free in your village.
Gaara: I’m not worried (everyone is apprehensive) I know Naruto won’t make that happen.

(Naruto Scene)
(They are traveling through the trees’ branches)
Naruto: Why?
Yamato: What bothers you, Naruto?
Naruto: Why don’t people see? All this hatred, this revenge… this cycle will only repeat over and over if something isn’t done to stop it.
Kakashi: Don’t expect people to comprehend that at first. Don’t forget we live in the world of the Shinobi, hatred and war are commonplace.
Naruto: But why, why people won’t do anything to stop it?
Kakashi: Some people never lived without war. It’s difficult to stray from that.
Naruto: But… (his face saddens) I understand…
Yamato: We should return to the village as swiftly as possible. Danzou will be not pleased to know we fled from it.
Kakashi: You’re right. Let’s return to Konoha.
Naruto: (Naruto stops) I won’t return to Konoha.
Yamato: (Yamato and Kakashi stop) What?!
Naruto: I won’t give up on Sasuke. I won’t cross my arms and see Sasuke being chased and executed like a criminal. I know Sasuke, he isn’t like that, he’s being used. If nobody will be on his side, I will. I’ll save Sasuke from Madara, even if it takes me to the end of the world or takes away my life. I made a promise and I will fulfil that promise.
Kakashi: There’s no stopping you from that, is there, Naruto? (Naruto smiles) Thought so… well, take care!
Yamato: What? Kakashi-senpai, you’ll let him do that?
Kakashi: Why wouldn’t I? Naruto has already chosen his path, we shouldn’t interfere.
Yamato: But, Kakashi-senpai!
Kakashi: Don’t worry. If he took care of Pein, I’m confident he’ll take care of himself, isn’t that right, Naruto?
Naruto: Right!
Yamato: (preoccupied) If you say so… (Yamato and Kakashi leave, Naruto follows them)
Kakashi. I thought you were leaving…
Naruto: And I’m leaving, but I got to say goodbye to someone in the village.

(Kage Scene)
Mifune: So it’s settled then. All the Villages will begin the operation to bring to justice Kisame and Suigetsu of the Mist, Zetsu of the Grass, Konan of the Rain, Karin and Juugo of the Sound. And all Villages, except the Sand, will also bring to justice Sasuke of the Leaf. This operation will begin in seven days and the primary target will be Amegakure. This summit is now concluded. (everyone leaves the table, Raikage approaches Gaara)
Raikage: You know, Kazekage, it isn’t too late to change your decision.
Gaara: I’ll not change my mind, as much sorrow as it gives you.
Raikage: Hmmph. You know what is best for your village, but don’t come to the Cloud begging for help.
Gaara: I’m sure I won’t need any. (they separate)

(Sasuke Scene)
(The group is hiding in a secretive high point)
Suigetsu: Now that’s good.
Karin: How can you say it’s good?! Our heads are on the line!
Suigetsu: More people to fight with!
Karin: You reckless knucklehead!
Sasuke: Stop it. Don’t lose focus on what we have to do.
Karin: R-Right!
White Zetsu: At least they don’t have information on Tobi. As long as he remains unknown, the better. (Sasuke grumps)

(Danzou Scene)
Danzou: Torune, get back to Konoha. Declare Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato missing nin.
Torune: Yes, my lord. (he vanishes away)
Danzou: (gives the scroll to Fu) Get rid of this scroll. In the wrong hands, Konoha might be the next target of other village’s wrath.
Fu: Yes, Hokage-san. (vanishes away too)
Danzou: (thinking) So, Madara is alive. I haven’t heard that name in quite some time. So you came out of the hole you crawled all these years? This will be interesting.

Next Chapter: The Ambush

Edit: I forgot the word stop on Yamato line, silly me
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