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Re: The 4th Hokage

I feel he knows a lot, but just as much as his age group. i mean Choji knew a shit load back inthe Sasuke retrieval arc! Now he probably knows at least 5 more. Neji knows a crap load. Lee doesn't have jutsu. And the rest just are kinda fails. However, most Jonin know as much as naruto. sasuke knows TONS! Consider all the Fire Style and Genjutsu he pulls. Either way you look at it, im glad you agree with me about the fourth.

I tottaly forgot about the fact Orochi was to be chosen, in fact he knew TONS of jutsu WITHOUT the sharingan. Plus he was just kinda evil. i mean he was good, but just evil. Its like how if a Private in our military (US) gets killed in combat. he becomes a litenant, and gets a purple heart, even though he did nothing. Don't get me wrong, its good what they did, but over hyped is all. The fourth did a good deed as this manga would fail without our second favorite haxor (Sharingan is first) the Nine-Tailed Fox!
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