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Re: The 4th Hokage

Minato created 3 of the deadliest techniques in this manga the other hoakge crated NONE he was stated to be the strognest shinobi to ever come out of the leaf that alreayd puts him above EVERYONE WHO AS BORN IN KONOHA... Orochiamru was only up for the postion because sarutobi wanted his student to take over... the mang aalreayd hints orochimaru was shit compared to mianto when anko says "i wish he was alive everything would be so easy" oppss

He's the fastest shinboi to date(madara's technique doesn't work instantly like minato's), he pretty much won the 3rd ninja war himself by taking out all the reinforcements without getting a scratch on hismelf.. nd He's hyped up byt he entire manga jiraiya saurotbi kakashi etc to the the strongest shinobi out there with the exception of MADARA...

People dnt like to buy into hype i understand that but his achievements at an age younger then 29 years old surpass anything else anyone ahs done in this manga the guy took on face to face kyuubi itself nd sealed the bitch up not only do u need large chakra urself to handle such a thing but getting close to it face to face nd grabbing it is a total different thing...
He was also stated to a once in a decade genius with talent to match, he's incredibly intelligent leaving 2 fail safes behind nd leaving another kick ass jutsu naruto needs to finish that requires the kyuubi's chakra.. so thats 3 moves he made nd left a 4th bad ass move for his son to figure out...

FYI IN THE CORRECT TRANS nobody says anything about him surpassing jiraiya or minato it shows an image of them as NARUTO WILL BE LIKE THEM nd then its said "he has surpassed the previous gneration minato nd jiraiya are not the previous kakashi nd itachi are the generation before naruto's generation...

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