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Re: The 4th Hokage

4th wasn't fast without FTG you shit head. Kashi has Sharingan. Counter. Bam Kashi wins. Idiot. Learn to determine something besides "LOLZ FTG PWNS ALLZ!"

Every thing has a weakness. EVERY Haxor does. Not just a few, EVERY! No where does it say the 4th was the fastest ninja of all time. I highly doubt that as Lee and Gai are 100X as fast as him...idiot.

i turned that way because myth is retarded. He thinks FTG pwns all. Untrue. its sucks. It isn;t a god technique. it only works on Chunin, maybe Mid-Level jonin as veng said. No where did i say 4th couldn't beat Jonin. Im only talking about kage level ninja. Pein can pwn him. Jiraya can. Madara can. 1st can. Kakashi can (Sharingan HAXOR counter). And even Hidan can once he traps him. How in the world can he beat Hidan? Once he gets cut once, he is done. FTG would be useless. Even if Hidan never hit him, the 4th couldn't do crap. Asuma was pwnage in that fight. He got lucky and wacked off his head. No doubt 4th could beat Hidan, but he would have to use summons.
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