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Re: The 4th Hokage

Oh no im know its a good technique, but the fact is that it isn't usefull against Ninja who can counter it and track movment, or are faster like Gai. When i said "without FTG" i mean without FTG he isn't as fast as Myth made him out to be. You kinda took that outta context.

He was not the strongest Rikudou. The manga was speaking way in the past. 2.5 years is a lot of time. Sasuke went from Chunin Rank to High-Level Jonin in that time. He wasn't the best. Madara, 1st, Pein, and jiraya are better. Kashi can just = him because the Sharingan movement track. And Hidan is just Hax from the start. Only people that are as good as him, are the ones i listed. Do you really believe FTG is going to work if he cannot touch Pein? Do you believe he can beat Madara when he couldn't even take out the Fox? And if he cannot take out the Fox, then how can he beat the 1st WHO BEAT THE FOX AND MADARA (key words here) AT THE SAME TIME! 4th only fought the fox, lost, and died. The Fox isn't gone. If Naruto dies, or is comsumed by the Fox, the 4th lost. Lost tottaly. He already lost. RDS isn't that great. It never full works, especially against demons. If Naruto didn't get Sage Mode he would have been killed. Obviously he won't ever be killed, but the 4th lost that fight.

4th=Lose to Fox
1st=Win against Fox and Madara, the greatest Ninja of all time (-Sage of 6)
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