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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-Shun's Mission

(Flash back to the meeting in which Hiro and Shun had their conversation.)

"Take this, Uzumaki Sensei wanted me to give you this once I met up with you, as it slipped his mind previously," said Hiro. (Hiro tosses a slightly longer Kunai with a strange mark on it towards Shun. Shun catches it.)

"A Kunai. This is what the Hokage wanted you to give to me," asked Shun. "Yeah. He said it was very important. He said if you were in a bind, and I know you will be in one, to use it against the opponent, it should give you the upperhand," said Hiro.

"I take it this is one of the Hokage's techniques. Heh, I'm his body guard, I shouldn't have to rely on his protection," said Shun. "Yeah, we know how capable you are, you did help my sensei quite a bit during the war old pal," smiled Hiro.

"Then again, I wasn't told his name, just that I'd know who he was when I saw him. His abilities, physical description, nothing. Who ever he is, he must holds some importance that The Hokage was willing to send someone such as me out to go fetch him just of yesterday. He told me tonight would be the best opportunity. Can't help but wonder if it is all connected," said Shun.

(Switch Back to the present.)

"Hmm. I'm almost approaching the River Country locale. I'll go scout the area from these trees," thought Shun. (Shun hides behind the brushes and vegetation and then looks up at the sky.)

"Indeed, I'm right under the meteor. It is just sitting there. Who is behind this and are they using this as a bargaining chip to meet their demands? Oh well, I can't dwell on it now. Summoning Technique. Ninja Art: Owl Seeker," said Shun. (Shun summons four owls from the woods to his location, then using his tracking jutsu, he commands them and gives them human speech.)

"Guys, I'm going to need you to scout the area. Search around the perimeter high up in elevation to avoid detection. Report to me of your findings. Then tell me the most safest entrance route. Spread your wings and fly," said Shun. (The four owls search the area checking for an entrance and scouting the area for unsual findings.)

(Switch Scene to Outskirts of Konoha. Hiro is rushing Nila back to Konoha.)

"Just a little further. I can see the Hokage Statues from here," said Hiro.

(Switch Scene to one of the Owls. It flies over the area and spots several patrols slaughtered along a Coal mine village. Another Owl spots multiple figures sitting down, channelling chakra into the Meteor. The Other owls reaches the same location to spot the strange situation. Soon afterwards they fly back towards Shun's location.)

"What's taking them so long....," mumbled Shun. (After a moment of sleep. The 4 owls return for report. He wakes up immediately.)

"So, how did it go," asked Shun. "The Coal Mining Village Known as Gold Mine Village, has had their patrols viciously attacked," said Owl 1. "We have also seen the perhaps origin of this meteor souce," said Owl 2.

"What the hell? Give me a break down of the situation immediately," said Shun. "There were multiple shinobi further up on a high mountain. They were channelling chakra into the meteor. The others where wearing gray like cloaks, while another held a strange weapon. A kind of Sycthe like insturment," said Owl 4.

(Shun uses a jutsu to enhance the birds' awarness.)

"What the hell? Give me the easiest escape route in, then I want you guys to meet up with the Hokage's informants on the way to Konoha; you now know everything I know because of my jutsu. Inform them of this information. I'll see what I can do at the mean time. This man with the Sycthe. He's the missing nin. I'll proceed with extreme caution," said Shun.

"Fine. We'll intercept communications and tell them to immediately back you up. The easiest route in is through the North Western Cave. No patrols are down there. The path takes you straight into their meeting place through a passage way from the back. Be prepared for traps though," said Owl 4.

(The owls take off.)

"There is only one man who uses a Scythe. It must be Konoha's Reaper. But he use to be The Hokage's student. Why did he defect? Perhaps I'll find that out. Well, if I had The Hatchet with me, I'd feel better about this, but I'll be enough to hold off until back-up arrives. Dosa hmm? Are you behind this as well," Shun asks himself.

Next Time: A shocking reuion.
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