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Re: Official Tambayan at NL (Filipino Thread)

@maddog: Well, may mga nawala man na mga tarushii may nadagdag naman na isang chuvarlu na jumamelis, walang iba kundi akooooo.

Originally Posted by azumi149 View Post
The Official NL Tambayan Members

THE BOSS - Kakashi1300
THE LADY BOSS- azumi149

Premium Members:
Glaiza_mei - teh coolest of them all
Xei - mysterious gal
Kyoko** - meow
OTC - super duper coolest smod ever
miho_san - emo kid
hakushiro - teh witch's pet
Onikage - teh unseen
cursed_oblivion - teh invisible
eds_chan - sister cool
deccrix - teh wanderer
orvell03007 - true lumad
maddog - resident lawyer


Pandekoko - newbie
Gangsta_Ninja - teh ninja
Xaolin - teh lost warrior
Flame_alchemist - teh tennis freak
Cloud7 - been gone somewhere
lyrfa - teh silent maiden

for those who are not on the list, you better earn it! ^^, see ya around!
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