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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Moments before Hiro arrived at Konoha with Nila,

At Hokage’s Mansion. The Hokage just sits at his chair while his wife is screaming at the guards

"What kind of idiots do you have guarding the entrance?!!!!!" screams Hinata.

“The finest in Konoha madam.” Answer the guards. Hinata glared at the guards. Shikamaru who was watching the scene, whisper at the Hokage.

“I thought Hinata was kind-hearted, soft-spoken, polite and quite submissive.”

“She is. But when about the kids, well she turns into a white eye gorilla.” Says the Hokage jokingly. Hinata turns around and look at the Hokage with a very angry expression.

“What did you call me!!!!!!!!!” scream Hinata. “Oh boy….” Whisper the Hokage.

At the Konoha gates, Hiro and Nila just arrived. There he saw a figure wearing a straw hat and a cape over a standard jounin uniform. The figure raises his head and Hiro can clearly see a pair of Rinnengan looking at him.

“Hope…..” says Hiro.

“Hiro-senpai. I’m sorry on what my little sister did. I do hope you forgive her.”

“Never mind. She’s a headstrong and passionate girl. I’m use to it.” Reply Hiro.

“Unfortunately she also has a brain of mule. Charging without thinking twice.” Says Hope.

“Well, can’t say I disagree…..” Says Hiro.

“I will take her home. My father is waiting for you at his office.” Says Hope as he took Nila from Hiro.

“Its seems it’s more serious then we anticipated.” Whisper Hiro.

“After sending my sister home I will join you.” Says Hope and he leave Hiro alone at the gates.

“You guys may not be related by blood, but you took care of her like a true flesh and blood.” Grin Hiro as he makes his way towards the Mansion.

Hope jumps from building to building, carrying his sister as he makes his way home.
Nila awaken from her sleep and she saw her brother carrying her.

“Idiot, you know how much we worried about you?” ask Hope. “I’m sorry.” Whisper Nila. Hope sighs and he landed in front of their house. “We’re home.” Says Nila. Hope dropped her down and backs away.

“OWW, what was that for?” ask Nila as she rubs her head. Hope keep silent and still backs away form Nila.

“What are you doing?” ask Nila.

“Saving myself.” Reply Hope.

“From who?” ask Nila.

“Her.” Reply Hope. Suddenly Hinata appeared and rushing towards her and hug Nila tightly. “Mother?” ask Nila. “You got a lot to explain, little woman.” yells Hinata and drags Nila into the house. Nila looks at her brother to bail her out again. Hope just shakes his head and says this time he can’t. He then looks at the meteor with his Rinnengan he knew this is no natural cause. “Better go and meet Hiro-senpai.”

At Shun’s location.

Shun creeps closer to the group and hide behind a tree while eavesdropping on the group. He still can’t figure the face of the scythe wielding ninja. He took a binocular and peek at the strange group. Then he saw the face of an old friend. Dosa, who seems to be monitoring the group. Then Shun sense danger behind him and jumps upward, managing to avoid a Lighting Strike. He looks back and saw a beautiful blonde woman with blue eyes and a very sexy outfit. “Spy. From Konoha it seems.” Says the woman. “And you are?” ask Shun as he took out both of his blade and get into attacking stance. “Raitei.” Says the woman. Then Shun remembers from his bingo book. Her looks and jutsu matches a name. Raitei, the Lightning Succubus. An SNA kunoichi that said to master the lightning element as highly as Hiro. Went missing after SNA disbanded. “Her strength and speed surpass me. If I’m going to walk out this fight alive, I’ve got to be smart. One small mistake and I’m toast.” Thinks Shun. Seeing Shun determined to fight her, lightning cracks around her. “Arrogant fool.” Says Raitei.

At the mountains Dosa watches as Raitei and Shun are ready to fight. Then a ninja with long black hair, wearing a white cloak that covers a blue gi. With his demonic eye he watches them and then looks at Dosa.

“What are you doing here Asura?” ask Dosa.

“To see where you’re loyalty lays, Dosa.”

“You still don’t trust me, do you. Tell me why should I trust you?” Ask Dosa.

”If you don’t trust me, then you are wise.” Says Asura.

Hope: He was found in an abandon village by the Hokage weeks after his marriage to Hinata and they both decide to raise him as their own. The couple saw the Rinnengan eyes that the baby have, and the Hokage decide to called him Hope in contrast of the last Rinnengan user who called himself Pain. As a Rinnengan user his mastery of jutsus are faster then others, where other take years, he took months or weeks to master a certain technique. While Pain separate all 6 body individually with different abilities, Hope keep all Rinnengan justus in his body alone. His mastery of jutsus isn’t as many and powerful as Pain’s but he is currently studying the sage’s scroll to learn more of Rinnengan abilities and most people predict he will be the next Hokage. He is a compassionate brother and person but also posses one of the sharpest analytical minds of the new generation. 5 years older then Nila and a jounin, he always looks after her when he’s around and Nila look up to him and always mixes him in her troubles.

Raitei: One of the SNA. Master of the lightning. Feels betrayed after a few SNA left the organization and works for various villages. Vows to hunt and kill them all.

Asura: Nothing is known about him except he is the middleman between the SNA higher ups with their soldiers

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