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Re: Official Tambayan at NL (Filipino Thread)

Originally Posted by hakushiro View Post
Akala ko hanggang 8 lang ang "bata"? BAgong TAo nga, eh, di ba?

So anu ang translation ng "BATA"? Youth, o child?

Eto nasa Internet dictionary

Tagalog-English word translation and meaning by Katig.Com

bata - n. child; kid
bata, slang - n. sweetheart; lover (i am this. so bata pa nga ako... )
bata - adj. young

Sinali ko to. kasi sino ba ang tinutukoy ng KABATAAN? diba yung mga bata...

kabataan - youth
kabiguan - failure - eto nasali lang nung copy paste ko.

Originally Posted by hakushiro View Post
I therefore doubt you're still a child anymore, seeing as how you found The Alchemist a wonderful read. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child requires a certain... what your types would call "mediocrity". In our language, it is called "simplicity". ^^

ay... kaya nga maeenjoy ko dapat ang The Alchemist e. kasi pang bata cya. kasi ang lesson that you will get from the book is "YOU DON'T HAVE TO LOOK FAR TO FIND YOUR TREASURE." If only you look at things through the eyes of a child...

Wut now??? when was mediocrity ever synonymous to SIMPLICITY???

my types will never call mediocrity as simplicty. nothing is mediocre for a child. he sees everything as dynamic. his imagination is vivid. when he becomes mediocre, he is no longer a child. why? because his imagination is dead. he no longer sees things as ever changing and colorful. he succumbs in mediocrity...

kaya sinabi na you have to see things through the eyes of a child, kasi a child always sees the purity of things. seeing the world through the eyes of a child does not require a certain... what my types would call "mediocrity", and in your language, you call it "simplicity" (whatever language that may be). it simply requires that you see the purity and goodness in this world, in what you read, in what you hear, in what you see. and subsequently in what you type, in what you say, in what you think, and what others may perceive of you...

------pasencya na ha... nagiging makata talaga ako kapag lumalalim na ang gabi...

by the way, i thanked Haku's post, kasi in fairness, natawa talaga ako... lol...


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