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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-Judgement Part 1

"Shit, I need to lose her and quick, I can't let Dosa betray us and let this operation go down to hell thought," Shun. "Oh hum. It seems you're thinking again. To bad it won't do you any good," said Raitei.

(Raitie extends her arm, this causes an arc to extend and strike at Shun's person while it breaks off from Raitie. Immediately, Shun pulls out one of his circular blades and manages to knock the attack away, which causes a small lightning strike.)

"So, you're not the run of the mill spy, this should be interesting," said Raitie. "Damn," said Shun.

(Immediately three poofs appear in front of Shun.)

"Back up it seems. Fools, they'll die all the same for interfering in our affairs," said Raitie.

(The smoke clears revealing three Anbu Ops.)

"No, a handful of Anbu won't be enough to deal with Raitie," said Shun. (The three Anbu removes their masks one by one.) "Wait a second, it is use guys," said Shun.

-The top Anbu in the entire unit, who were handpicked by the Hokage, and fought with Shun and the others during the 4th Shinobi War. There is a long brown haird guy who resembles Human Realm Pain [No connectionion], a short red haird lass, and a medium spiky blond haired guy who is kind of short in stature.)

"So if it isn't Shun. Don't worry about us, the Hokage sent us in the back you up," said Bruce. (Long Brown haired guy.)

"Go finish your mission, fine Dosa," said Rise. (Short-haired girl.) "We know about Raitie. She was a prime target in a follow up investigation involving SNA. She's strong, but we'll manage," said Braig.

"How's," said Shun before being cut off. "He's fine, he just pulled through," said Rise.

"Anbu ops hmm? No matter. All small fries anyway," Chuckled Raitie. (Lightning from her body channels and connects to the sky, she is now being powered by lightning bolts from the heavens.)

"NOW, we'll handle this," said Bruce. "Don't die guys," said Shun. (He rushes off. The three Anbu begin making handseals.) "We'll buy you time, old friend," said Rise.

"As soon as I kill you three, I'll go straight after that punk," smirked Raitie.

(Switch Scene to a forested area, a young familure looking man is rushing towards the suspended meteor. This youth's face has matured since the last time we've seen him. He no longer wears a jacket, he dresses in the typical Sand Jounin-Chuunin attire. His hair, although a few inches in length, is still smooth in texture. He is taller, around 5 ft 8. He has bulked up slightly, having a more manly physical appearance.)

"I was told by the Kazekage to follow the meteor's presence in two days time. And it is definitely there. I guess the Hokage has sent word to all of the Kages in regards to capturing the SNA," said Teru.

(Switch Scene to another forested area. Seven swordsmen wielding unique blades race to the meteor's location. On their forehead protectors, you can see the Hidden Mist symbol.)

(Switch scene to another forested area. There is a man dressed in all black. He has many blades, one on each thigh. Short swords, one on each arm. Two larger ones holsted on his back, and Kunai sheethes near his anckles. His face is covered with a black scarf like cloth that wraps over his nose, lips, chin, and head. He rushes toward the location of the meteor. All that we know is that he has the Rock village Head Band holsted on his belt.)

(Switch Scene to the site. Shun approaches the backside of Dosa. Several feet away from Dosa is Asura and three other cloaked troops.)

"It has been awhile, Konoha's Reaper," said Shun. (Dosa turns around.)

"Shun... My place is with them now. I can't just ask you to leave with all that you have witnessed, so... I'm asking you to die by my hands," said Dosa. (Asua smiles. Dosa pulls out his weapon and strikes at Shun with rapid speds however, at the same pace, Shun pulls out both of his weapons and counters.)

"I don't care if you are the legendary Dosa. S-Class shinobi are not above treason. What is the meaning of this," asked Shun. "It seems you've parried me well. I wouldn't expect anything less from my Senpai," smiled Dosa.

"Answer me, what is this thing, and what do you plan to hope from unleashing it upon this world," yelled Shun. (Asura automatically reaches the both of them.)

"Give this fool no answer. I'll kill him myself," said Asura. "Stay out of it. This is my fight to end," said Dosa. "Fine...," said Asura. (He backs off and returns to his place yards away.) "ARRRGGH," yelled Dosa. (With his might he effortlessly knocks Shun back onto his own back several feat back. Dosa then swiftly moves to his location.)

(The Scene switches to Raikage's office. A young black female who is possibly in his 20s, and has fucky pony tail styled braids for hair style questions her decision.)

"Ryu is definitely one of our best agent. But that man's vanity and those ridiculous antics annoy me to no end. Ewww, for his sake his evaulation better be a positive one if he actually manges to make an impact on the behalf of the world. Where is he? I told him to meet me at my office a head of time and that it was an emergency. Eww, And the Meteor gets bigger by the second. I'm going to look like such a fool if my aide doesn't show up," moaned Raikage.

(She looks like both Killer Bee and Raikage. Could it be either of their Daughters)

-Next Time: Where the Hell is Ryu at a time like this? The explosive events of the wild mad man begins now. Several hours before the meteor strike leading up to his dymanic appearance, will begin shortly.
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