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Originally Posted by SenninKorby View Post
Ladies and Gentlemen: the enemy ^
lol. Naruto has since the beginning of the manga held romantic interest in Sakura, in thus I stated that I highly doubt that NH is going to happen, and yet I'm the enemy? Am I the enemy because you don't like to accept that its true?

Originally Posted by SenninKorby View Post
There are NaruHina fans, there are NaruSaku fans, but the real enemy here are the people THAT REFUSE TO ACCEPT CANON. FACT: Naruto is not with anyone. FACT: Naruto has always liked Sakura, but only recently does it seem as though it has gotten past an outspoken crush. Sakura has only VERY recently started thinking of Naruto as anything more than a close friend. FACT: Hinata is in love with Naruto, and they've always been close friends in comparison to some of the other Konoha 11. But, as far as we have been shown, his feelings are not returned to her to nearly the same extent.
Well, your pretty much contradicting yourself here, because what I stated is canon manga fact. Naruto loves Sakura - FACT (and anyone would be stupid to have ever question his feelings for her in the first place, as its always been pretty damn obvious). Naruto has not once ever looked at Hinata in a romantic light - FACT. Naruto has not once thought about Hinata since her confession - FACT. Sakura has been showing continuous signs in growing feelings and care towards Naruto all throughout the series - FACT. Sakura has never once thought about Sasuke in a romantic fashion all throughout part 2 - FACT.

Did I say though that NaruSaku is a definite? No I did not. I said that given the development they've had all throughout the manga, and especially with the recent manga chapters, it seems much more likely at this point.

Originally Posted by SenninKorby View Post
Naruto is not 100% PROVED LOLOLOLLOLOLOL with anyone. People need to get out of their fanfic dreamlands and just let Kishi write the freaking manga to end as it will.
I think you need to calm down and re-read what I said.
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