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Originally Posted by saiyaman View Post
Same old Hinata=bronze and Sakura=gold. Ho hum, nothing new there.

As for me, if Hinata is bronze then Sakura is bronze as well. You guys read too much into the "Oh NaruSaku is being hyped" point. Rack your mind and remember that in 437, NaruHina was pushed as well.
It was a Hinata defining moment, but I also found this segment to be a closure. She had been long since overdue for her chance to be put into the spotlight, to demonstrate any personal growth on her part, as well as for her to come forth with any said feelings in which she has held within her for a seemingly long time. Any supposed NH potential that would have occurred beyond the confession, again, came to a closure in chapter 450, as Hinata smiled in approval of the affectionate display between Naruto and Sakura in front of the entire village. Only serious delusional fools had ever questioned Naruto's feelings for Sakura, and only delusional fools continue to ignore the obvious signs in which pertain Sakura's growing care and affection towards Naruto.

Also, how can you possibly compare a one time sporadic confession from Hinata with the continuous development that Naruto and Sakura have been mutually sharing with one another in correlation with the entire manga? You simply can't.

Originally Posted by saiyaman View Post
I know what you might say. "Nah Naruto hasn't had a passing thought for Hinata since then".

May I generously point out that ever since that "Yamato line of love", which NaruSaku's have been treating as the best of all chapters, NaruSaku hasn't been pushed in the whole story until now?
You are incorrect. Not only has there been continuous portrayals of romantic/non-platonic indicators between Naruto and Sakura since Yamato's infamous line, but its been once again reconfirmed in the recent manga chapters that Naruto always has and still loves Sakura, in addition to an explanation as to why he hasn't expressed his feelings to her yet - and in due to that he hasn't been able to keep his promise to her. Why is it so difficult to accept that Naruto simply does not see Hinata as anymore than a friend/comrade? Why do you continue to ignore the obvious in that Naruto has always held romantic interest in Sakura and no one else? The additional fact of Naruto not once even thinking of Hinata in any fashion since her confession should be a pretty damn obvious indicator that the purpose of that confession has been long since served, and no, it was not to make NaruHina more likely or canon.

Originally Posted by saiyaman View Post
Jumping to conclusions when nothing is confirmed properly? That's what is plain pathetic.
No one is jumping to conclusions, as no one here is saying that NaruSaku is an absolute definite. What is being said, however, is that NaruSaku is the most likely potential pairing to occur given not only the development that they have received over the course of the entire manga (unlike the other 2 pairings), but they share THE MOST mutuality and continuity. Where in the fuck does it make sense at this point to have Kishi only once again reconfirm and reiterate that Naruto loves Sakura, and show displays of Sakura's growing affection and care towards Naruto, to only then have Naruto pair with an individual whom hes never once had any romantic interest in? Seriously, is it that hard to figure out?

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