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Re: Naruto 461 Prediction / Spoiler discussions

I tried posting this in a separate thread as it's not really 461 prediction, but it wouldn't work. I guess it's still a prediction so here goes:

Naruto shipuuden, ending stories from a battlefield.
a fan-fictional prediction by ShiverX
inspired by recent development in the manga.

- Reminiscing in the rain -

The smoke was starting to clear from the battlefield as dark slowly turned into day. It had been a long night. Two figures moved across the field towards a hilltop some distance from the bloodstained grounds. On the hilltop was a tall tree, as marking the spot. A bird flew away from the tree as they approached.
The older man sat down by the tree. You could see that he strained himself somewhat while doing it. The man had seen many battles, they had all taken their share out of him. Even after all those ordeals and after the recent fierce fight Naruto knew that he would not like to face Kakashi on the battlefield, old or not. Whoever did that would suffer some sort of loss. As Danzo and his rebel army had felt now. Even Pain had experienced that so long ago. Naruto walked up to Kakashi and sat down.

"How is your wounds Kakashi?"
Naruto threw himself casually on the ground besides Kakashi and spread his legs and arms in a huge gasp as he yawned at the stars still somewhat visible in the sky.
"Not so bad" Kakashi looked at Naruto and smiled behind his mask. Still so juvenile after all these years. Naruto had a talent for cheering people up, he thought.
Naruto looked back at him and smiled at the old man.
"They still ache?" Naruto stretched his hand towards the sky.
"You know it does Naruto, always after battle my old wounds act up again, just like yours"
Naruto smiled to himself kind of forced and ran his hand over the scar that covered his upper left arm. "This one in particular" Naruto grinned.
"Well, it would, wouldn't it? Amaterasu is a serious matter, it is no wonder your powers haven't healed it completely". Kakashi looked up at the tree and then the sky, it started to rain.
Naruto sat up with some effort and after some second of silence he looked at Kakashi again.
"Thank you for saving my life out there. It seems that I have much more to learn, the way they got me.. If it weren't for you I would not be here now... Are you alright, it must have been a close one?"
"I'm fine Naruto, and what would we do without you? To come so far only to fall? Not on my watch." Kakashi and Naruto smile. Naruto's smile disappear.
"I'm tired Kakashi..."
Kakashi looked down upon Naruto.
"I know......I know...."
Naruto looked down at some rocks by the grass at his feet.
" So many battles, and for what? This is not the way it was suppose to be... Even after this big victory it is not over..."
Naruto sighed.
"I wish I could stop all the fighting, put an end to it. I wondered what he would have thought of all this... I failed in the end Kakashi.."
Kakashi saw the faces of Jirayaa and Sasuke in his mind.
"Naruto, you are a great leader for our forces. No innocent are being sacrificed in this war. We are doing this for a better future. If he is not stopped then there will be no peace.. you know this.."
Naruto clenched his teeth.
"Madara...... The way he changed him.... He was determined to go after Madara back then.... He was right of course, but I didn't listen..."
Kakashi put an arm on Naruto's shoulder.
" You did all you could for Sasuke, in the end we cannot save those who doesn't want to be saved. Don't underestimate his importance, he is part of the change we have made to the world. He is the reason we are winning this war."
Naruto looked at Kakashi again and smiled.
"I guess. It feels good to reminisce about it though. It feels as we are closer to the ones we lost that way."
Kakashi lifted his forehead-protector and revealed his sharingan.
"I believe they are still with us Naruto, in some form."
Naruto felt the rain with his hand.
"You mean like Obito?"
Kakashi looked up towards the rainy sky with his sharingan, his face getting washed by the pouring water.
"Yes. In some ways I believe he is still dead, in others he is alive, waiting for me to set him free, just like Sasuke. I do not believe he is no longer with us, and we have no evidence of that either.."
Naruto let some gathered water in his hand combined with wind chakra slowly drop from his hand in a swirl down to the ground.
"It's been so many years Kakashi.....Do you really think we will win against him? And Sasuke, how could he still be with us after all this time..."
Kakashi closed his eyes and shrugged his shoulders.
"We have to defeat him Naruto. For the world, for our friends. For your child that is about to be born. And someone as strong as Uchida would not allow himself to end it like that."
Naruto smiled and seemed to be renewed with energies.
"Yes! hehe. We decided to call the baby Nila if it's a girl, and Kojirero if it's a boy."
Kakashi looked at Naruto with curious eyes.
"Nila?, Kojirero?"
"Yes" Naruto smiled again. "It always puts me in a good mood. Kojirero is a combination of the things that is important to me. It's hope Kakashi. Nila is to a part of what we are trying to do".
Kakashi smiled as well. " They are both beautiful names Naruto. I still can't believe your going to be a father. It's an inspiration to the whole alliance that we are getting a little one. And of course for me in particular, my student is becoming a responsible adult. Jirayaa would be proud."
"Thank you Kakashi." Naruto smiles with his whole face. "I still can't believe it myself. You should see her now Kakashi, she is so beautiful, shining with joy."
"I'm sure." Kakashi shifted to look behind them and moved his hand to the side grunting at the pain it caused. "He or she is the future Naruto. We must work hard to mend the world to such an extent that the children can live safely in it"

Game over naruto!
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